New reinforcement? Necaxa offers a footballer to Club America in exchange for Rio Suarez

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he american club We are getting closer to returning to competition!And before the opening 2024 closing gamedisciple Andre Jardine has been the subject of various rumors that some of their days are numbered. Copa’s Nest.

The Case of Leonardo Suarez

Precisely one of the cases that attracted the most attention to locals and strangers alike was that of Leonardo Suárez, a 27-year-old attacking midfielder who signed various contracts with the club. After a charity performance, eaglesSurprisingly, having lost the title during his time as a coach in Brazil, it is now speculated that his representatives are looking to place him in another team Mexican Football League It really gave him more minutes and confidence on the court.

In this sense, it is expected that his next destination will be Aguascalientes, where he will be represented by none other than Rayos del Necaxa, an institution that is said to have even raised its hand in hope Israel Reyes and Salvador Reyes.

Necaxa to offer players to Club America in exchange for services of Rio Suarez

Returning to the topic of Leo, it is necessary to mention and emphasize that everything seems to indicate: Oh my God willing to surrender Brayan Garnica to the lair in order to “have his way”.

But who is Brayan Garnica?

Other speculation that has begun to circulate in the Liga MX world suggests that the United States are not pessimistic about the deal, as Garnica has become one of the most famous players in the field. water ray At just 27 years old, he stands out on a talented team.

As for his experience in Mexican soccer, Brian only played for our soccer team for three teams. First, he made his debut in Rojinegros del Atlas on September 30, 2015.

Later, during the 2019 and 2020 seasons, he became one of the reinforcements of the Santos Laguna club, and some sports experts believe that he finally improved his skills and qualities.

After generating good references Laguna areaAfterwards, Brian returned to the team of his birth, in sporting terms: Atlas FC, where he shone from 2021 to 2023.

Subsequently, he attracted the attention of Necaxa Club, and despite his outstanding performance, the team was willing to use him as one of the bargaining chips to acquire Suarez…

At the same time, in the lair…

However, although this situation was finally determined, the American team continued to train hard in order to compete in the new competition in the best possible way, and they had a different goal: to defend the championship with all their strength so that they could become the monarchs of the league today. The Mexican team will become one of the protagonists in 2024, taking over the label of the best offense and defense, and of course, they will also compete for the first place in the overall table.

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