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Starfield it has been postponed to 2023 but other than that, we still have no information on the new one release datehowever, some suspicious movements on the Steam database suggest that this, in addition to the possible presence of DLC or Season Passmay be disclose soon.

After many months of flat calm, SteamDB has reported some changes that have occurred in these days on the Starfield Steam page: in this case, it is the presence of a new “package” visible in the database, which could refer to additional content of the base game, in addition to the change of the release date .

Also according to SteamDB, Starfield is now reported out on December 29, 2023even if the change is not visible on the official Steam page.

Starfield, an illustration

Starfield, an illustration

It should be noted that this date has all the air of being a placeholder, since these are usually placed towards the end of the year so as not to create any problems, however the fact that the information has been changed recently is taken as a clue. on whether the release date was officially decided and may be revealed shortly.

We are therefore in the realm of speculation, but the time may be ripe for the official announcement of the new release date of Starfield, since this did not even appear in the first trailer with gameplay shown at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase last June. Recall that the new Bethesda game was expected to arrive in November 2022, but was then postponed to 2023 and does not yet have a precise release date.

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