New restrictions. Shopping Sundays increase the safety of shopping

For the first time in the summer, the Polish Council of Shopping Centers appealed to the owners and managers of galleries to organize vaccination points on their premises. She also asked to join the government campaign to promote vaccination #Ostatniaprosta. Then 30 institutions responded to her appeal. This time, more than three times as many centers joined the action. According to PRCH, many galleries invite you to vaccinations also on trade Sundays. An up-to-date list of all those with vaccination points is available on the PRCH website ( here)

The Council points out that trading Sundays will allow shopping to be spread over more days of the week.

– The opening of shopping centers on Sundays makes it possible to limit the traffic in shopping malls on Fridays and Saturdays and to spread it from the previous six to seven days. This improves the safety and comfort of shopping in conditions where it is so important to keep social distance – emphasizes Krzysztof Poznański, managing director of the Polish Council of Shopping Centers. And it reminds that PRCH has been calling for a long time to lift the ban on trading on Sundays. – This solution, especially in a pandemic, would increase the safety of buyers and trade workers, as well as improve the situation of shopping centers and make it easier for the industry to rebuild losses, argues Poznański.

PRCH, on behalf of the shopping center industry, reminds you of responsible behavior when shopping. The Council urges buyers to respect the DDM principle – keeping a distance of 1.5 meters from other people, frequent disinfection of hands and wearing the masks properly so that they cover the nose and mouth at the same time. He also asks people with a cold or sick to stay at home.

“In order to make purchases efficiently and in the shortest possible time, let’s try to plan what we are going to the gallery for and what stores we want to visit. If possible, we should choose the hours and days when there are fewer people in shopping centers – e.g. between 12 a 15, from Monday to Thursday “, appeals the PRCH.

There cannot be more than 1 person per 15 sqm in shops, therefore – encourages PRCH – let’s go shopping alone. He also asks us to only touch the products we are interested in and to make a contactless payment. – Be patient and polite, even if you have to wait for the entrance to the store or gallery. We cooperate with the staff of the shopping center, especially when it reminds us to disinfect hands, keep distance or wear a mask. The current restrictions were introduced for the sake of our common security. Remember that comfort and how safe it is in a shopping center also depends on our behavior, on how efficiently we shop and make space available to others. Let us be kind to each other – appeals Krzysztof Poznański.

PRCH ensures that shopping centers are adapted to safe operation. Customers are given free masks and voice messages remind them to cover their mouth and nose and keep distance. The number of people staying in the facilities is also monitored, as well as compliance with limits and sanitary rules. If there is a risk that the permissible number of people per square meter will be exceeded, the entrances to the facility are closed until the number of customers is reduced. Shops, restaurants and service points have already provided information on the limits of people who can stay in them at the same time. Particular attention is paid to informing buyers by the staff about the obligation to cover the mouth and nose in the gallery.

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