New road signs. Changes in 2021

From December 2, new signs will be installed on Polish roads to inform drivers about the nearest electric vehicle chargers and about the upcoming switch-off lane on expressways. A total of six new road signs have been introduced.

According to the estimates of the Polish Alternative Fuels Association, there are almost 2,000 in our country. electric vehicle charging points. New
road signs are to promote electromobility and improve the comfort of traveling by people who already use electric vehicles – informed the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways.

The new regulations also introduced three new supplementary marks. They inform drivers, traveling on the expressway, about the approaching exit lane (sign F-14d – means 300 meters to the end of the lane, F-14e – 200 meters, F-14f – 100 meters). Previously, they were used on highways. The executive regulations allowing for the placement of new signs on Polish roads were included in the ordinance of the minister of infrastructure and internal affairs of October 12.

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New road signs in 2021

From December 2, three signs related to electromobility are in force on the roads. The new sign D-23b “gas station with an electric vehicle charging point” will be used to indicate a filling station equipped with an electric vehicle charging point. On the other hand, the sign D-23c “charging point for electric vehicles” is to indicate the location of the charging point for electric vehicles.

New road signs.  Changes in 2021


– The introduction of new signs is important for two reasons. First and foremost, electric car drivers will be informed about the location of the nearest charging point, which will increase comfort and make it easier to overcome longer journeys behind the wheel of zero-emission vehicles – explained Maciej Mazur, PSPA managing director. The second reason – he added – is that the new signs will also increase the awareness of other drivers who often do not know that such stations have been operating in Poland for a long time, and their number is approaching 2,000.

There is also an information board marked as D-34b. “Such a board is used when it is necessary to place in the same place several information signs about objects, such as a petrol station, restaurant or workshop” – informed the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways.

The new regulations also introduce changes to the marking of parking spaces for electric cars while charging. As reported by the Polish Alternative Fuels Association, in the case of parking spaces for electric vehicles only for the time of charging, a sign with the word “EV charging” will be placed under the D-18 sign.

According to the new regulations, on the plate under the sign D-18, the word “EV” will be placed in the top line, and the word “loading” in the bottom line. The regulations also allow additional information on this plate about the maximum parking time. “The word” EV “can also be placed on envelopes painted on the road surface to designate a parking space for electric cars,” PSPA reported. – Gabriela Bogaczyk / / Ed. AK

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