New road signs in Poland. What do they look like and what do they mean?

More precisely – these are two amended regulations that will enter into force on December 2 this year:

  • Regulation of the Ministers of Infrastructure and Interior and Administration of October 12, 2021 amending the regulation on road signs and signals,
  • Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of October 12, 2021. amending the regulation on detailed technical conditions for road signs and signals and road safety devices and the conditions for their placement on the roads.

Amendments to both executive acts are the result of the popularization of electric vehicles on Polish roads. The new signs are to inform about charging points for electric cars.

Among the information signs, there will be as many as three new products:

  • sign D-23b “petrol station with a charging point for electric vehicles”,
  • sign D-23c “electric vehicle charging point”,
  • sign D-34b “collective information board” (with single-line and double-line signs).

As we read in the regulation, the sign D-23b “fuel station with a charging point for electric vehicles” is used to indicate a filling station equipped with a charging point for electric vehicles. If the filling station also sells gaseous fuel for vehicle propulsion, it is allowed to place an inscription in the lower part of the sign specifying the type of this fuel: “LPG”, “CNG”, “LNG” or “hydrogen” (H2).

In addition to them, three supplementary signs are also new:

  • F-14d “an indicator board on the expressway to be placed 300 m in front of the turn-off lane”,
  • F-14e “an indicator board on the expressway to be placed 200 m in front of the cut-off lane”,
  • F-14f “an indicator board on the expressway to be placed 100 m in front of the cut-off lane”.

Indicator boards F-14d, F-14e and F-14f are used on the expressway to inform drivers that they are approaching the beginning of the exit lane (exit from the expressway). F-14d-F-14f plates have a green background.


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