New SEP textbook warns that it will thwart students’ ‘desire to excel’

Experts and private groups warn of new free textbooks to be distributed to more than 25 million students. Academic Year 2023-2024starting this Monday, Girls, boys and adolescents desire to improve With the idea that they must remain in their state, hometown communitywithout it desire to grow and without social mobility.

“It aims to train communities, supportive, poor, impeccable and obedient individuals and followers of Morena. This is the ideological message implicit in the new book, the poor implicit message of government subsidies.”says a scholar of the Autonomous Capital University (UAM) campus Xochimilco, Carlos Ornelas.

was consulted by Universalsay beyond. educational errorin image and date It’s historic, with a new circulation of about 100 million, and a message that goes something like this: “If you were born poor, you have to be that way for the rest of your life.”. Therefore, the content of some subjects will be reduced, such as: Math.

“Students are expected to be against neoliberalism, to have a spirit of solidarity, and to recognize social class differences and injustices that exist not only within the country and the world, but within communities. We take a more collaborative approach than a collective approach.”explain.

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Indicates that the student was previously interested in acquiring skill, ability, ability, ability It is to enable them to enter the labor market through decent employment in the future, and that is what is required. But that will no longer be the case.

He points out that it is also required that girls, boys, adolescents Respect values ​​with obedience and discipline. And Ornelas wonders, “What is the future?”and answer: “The boys and girls entering this new school year and next year will suffer a severe loss in learning. They will be the lost generation..

In two weeks he will disagreement As books on the teacher side grow they will already start rejecting them Select a text sample From last school year.

“This is an educational disaster. If not all that is happening is a tragedy with tragic overtones of ideological issues, insults and revenge. This government’s vision of education is tragic.”he added, though to the contrary. writing text, They should continue to be discussed.

predict the next president Otherwise the president of the country would have to withdraw. plans and programs Many studies and books affirm his work. “A group incorporated into the Department of Public Education with a certain spirit to accommodate the president’s preferred ideas.”.

former president steering committee The abolished National Institute for Educational Evaluation (innie) and the president Board of Educational IndicatorsEduardo Backhoff Escudero, warrants that: new mexico school, Along with textbooks, they represent setbacks.

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“Firstly, we came from within the pandemic, so we do not know how much the pandemic has affected student learning. has embarked on a vastly different new model of education, in which there is no content, no discipline, no clearly defined teaching methodology, and the fact that subjects such as mathematics have been curtailed is pedagogically gibberish. ”Is called.

surely new copy Contains 40% of the content of the previous book. “And it already says a lot. 1 to 10 is 4. Students will learn through interdisciplinary projects, and in the case of mathematics, because they will take a book and mix it with other knowledge. Students are expected to study much less.”.

for Paulina Amozultia founder and coordinator of Education by civic group RumbAlternatively, the problem with texts is what they are based on. “The aversion to personal development as part of a culture of effort creates substantial illiteracy because students are not well trained in literacy, logic, mathematics and science according to international standards. For the fact, I argue, would render them virtually illiterate.”.

he says education strategy Current government policies will keep girls, boys and adolescents out of work quality and they will be doomed living on subsidieshow do you like 4T. “Books are consciously and Machiavellianly constructed to create clientelism.”.

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