New Size! Cristina Pedroche Boasts More Behind It! “Is It Push-Up?”

Cristina Pedroche has many facets, especially in her social networks. It is on Instagram, where we can see Cristina more glamorous, more warrior, more controversial, more joker, more sensual … and also more influencer.

And it is that, much as their haters hurt to recognize him, Cristina is one of the women who moves more in the networks of our country. There are several brands that have come to it in recent times to advertise their products on the networks. And Puma is one of them.

There have been several times that the wife of David Muñoz has appeared with garments of that brand and has starred in advertising campaigns that have ended up being more than successful.

Cristina Pedroche’s photo

As we can see in your Instagram account , it is now very likely that the same will happen. And is that Cristina has chosen to share a photo in which she promotes a new product line.

“This Friday, day 14, the new Puma collection for low-intensity training will already be in all stores. I love being able to show you how I have left before, and I already warn you that you are going to fall in love with this collection. I am very happy although there are still more surprises … ”, she points to an image in which we see her boasting of tipazo.

However, it has been her hips that have most caught the attention of her followers. Among other things because for a while here there were many who pointed out that, with all the exercise that Vallecas has been doing lately, she had “lost curves.”

Hence, you can read comments on the networks such as “ And that is where it came from?”, “Is it push-up?”, “My mother, this woman is getting better and better” or “ I wish my Tracksuits and leggins will sit as well as they feel for you. ”

Surely, as she herself points out, there will be more “ surprises ” in the coming days. If they are all like this, more than one in Puma is sure to smile with joy. That’s right.

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