New station: sustainable mobility, more functions and services for travelers – The project

The presentation.

Municipality of Bergamo and Rfi illustrated the technical and economic feasibility project: over 80 million euros invested, 50 of the Pnrr.

Rethinking the station to transform it into an effective integrated mobility hub and a service hub for the city. This is the objective pursued by the Municipal Administration of Bergamo with the Italian Railway Network (FS Group), which presented the technical and economic feasibility project of the “New hub for urban reconnection and sustainable mobility of the Bergamo station”.

Involved a large area of ​​the city

The development is part of a context of urban transformation that affects a large area of ​​the city, straddling the railway axis and the station, and which also involves the areas of the railway yard called “South Gate”.

The project enhances the station’s role as a transport hub, ensuring its integration into the new intermodal hub envisaged as part of the urban regeneration program and redesigning its north and south access fronts. In this way the centrality of the station is strengthened also as a pole of attraction for the sustainable development of the territorywith new features and services for travelers.

This result originates from the “Protocol of Intent for the redevelopment of Bergamo Porta Sud” signed in 2018 between the Province, the Municipality, the Italian State Railways, Rfi and Fs Sistemi Urbani. In particular, the project envisages two new “bridge buildings” which contain all the primary functions of the station; access systems to station buildings and passenger platforms, via stairs, escalators and elevators; new covered pedestrian overpasses that provide access to the buildings of the station and pedestrian and cycle paths, with green areas and functions that define a real new space. An investment of over 80 million euros, of which 50 with Pnrr resources.

Learn more about the digital copy of L’Eco di Bergamo on Thursday 22 September


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