New surgical technique enables early correction of scoliosis without a corset

Advances in scoliosis surgery Say goodbye to corsets To correct during growth and fusion with appliances in adulthood childhood deviations.

A study of 30 cases published in Journal of Clinical Medicinehe intervenes Eduardo Heviaorthopedic and traumatology specialists, spine specialists. Navarre University Clinic in Madrid,As conclusion, Surgery without fixation This is the least invasive and least restrictive method for severe scoliosis with a curvature greater than 40 degrees or at risk of progression requiring surgical intervention.

This article supports the experience of the first patient to receive this treatment. pioneering approachwhich gives Adolescent quality of life To avoid corset discomfort and stigma, we review the relationship between the adolescent’s onset environment and the corset.

As Hevia explains, the technique provides provisional instrumentation without fused spines, full correction of deformities through adjustments during growth, avoiding vertebral arthrodesis, and post-growth spinal arthrodesis. It consists of restoring mobility by removing the device.

Furthermore, thanks to the technological advances of the Navarra Clinical University, it is possible to place the instrument in a less invasive way. This is achieved through a percutaneous technique that requires no muscle cuts and uses a navigator to guide the process.

A technique called “coplanar”, which the authors of this study helped develop, is also used, which corrects the curvature of the spine from the convex side, reducing the curvature to zero degrees.

This surgery is offered as an alternative to traditional surgery that requires permanent fixation of the mobile elements of the spine and is particularly beneficial to long-term quality of life for patients who have been treated for scoliosis since childhood. can affect.

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