New SWTOR Extension Onslaught Shifts – Release in October


In April 2019, the new extension Onslaught for the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic was announced. Now Bioware has announced an official release date.

When will Onslaught appear? The new extension to SWTOR will be released on October 22, 2019. It will be published about a month later when it was originally announced.

Why is Onslaught coming in October? According to the official statement of Bioware, more time is needed to test all the innovations in detail.

So far, not all changes have been posted on the test servers. To make sure that the extension does not appear flawed, the developers want to spend more time.

What about the Nautolans? The announcement on the expansion said that all subscribers will be unlocked by the Nautolans on the day Onslaught is released.

Due to the delay, Bioware is extending the period to unlock the new playable people. All players who had an active subscription between 1 September 2019 and 22 October 2019 will now receive the Nautolaner.

The fight between the Republic and Empire is in focus

What is Onslaught about? In the new SWTOR enlargement, the war between the republic and the empire is again in the foreground. He causes chaos in the galaxy and piracy and crime increase dramatically.

While the Republic is desperately trying to pull forces to Corellia and defend themselves against the attacks, the Sith Empire is already confident of victory.

What are the big changes in Onslaught? The new plot is intended to guide players into two new areas:

  • The planet Onderon with large jungle areas and dangerous creatures. He has long been a loyal member of the Republic but now has a new king.
  • The asteroid Mek-Sha, which houses an industrial city that used to be under the control of the Hutt and is now a place for thieves and smugglers.

In addition to the planets, there are also other innovations. These include:

  • Raise the level cap to 75.
  • A new flashpoint on Corellia.
  • A new operation on Dxun, the largest moon of Onderon.
  • The new war booty system.
  • The above-mentioned new playable species Nautolaner.

What else happens in SWTOR? In recent months, there have been some small changes for the MMORPG. In June, a new event was launched on Dantooine, which is working cautiously on the conflict of the new expansion.

In addition, SWTOR eased restrictions on Free2Play players in July. You can now get more swtor credits and have access to fast holidays.

The new expansion will be very important for SWTOR fans. We’ll tell you why:



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