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Filming began last week in Rome for “A mother suddenly” the new film in two episodes, directed by Claudio Norza and written by Luca Biglione, produced by Sunshine Production by Bruno Frustaci and Alessandro Carpigo.

The two 90 ‘episodes will soon be broadcast on Mediaset networks.

A mother suddenly is a project that develops in two parts and tells the story of a troubled and unprecedented relationship between mother and daughter. Together they will face in an unusual way the problems and the inevitable love that binds them surrounded by a provincial community, “an extended family” where friendship is sometimes more important than blood relationship.

Suddenly a mom: the cast

Suddenly A Mom is played by Giulia Bevilacqua, Simone Corrente, Elena Cucci, Raniero Monaco di Lapo, Margareth Madè, Dino Abbrescia, Crisula Stafida, Alice Maselli, Enzo De Caro and Cecilia Dazzi.

a mom suddenly

Suddenly a mother: synopsis

The main protagonists of these films are a mother and a daughter. Claudia (Giulia Bevilacqua), a young mother, a pleasant and charming woman just over thirty-five, wakes up from a 17-year-long coma. After recovering from a thousand bewilders, she continues her teenage life as if she had never stopped. Her attitudes disturb not a little, however, the real teenager of this story, Michela (Alice Maselli), called Miky, who has lived until now without her mother already in a coma from the moment of her birth. Michela fully lives her adolescence but she shows in her thoughts a few more years. Her family was her mother’s grandparents and her mother’s community of friends who looked after her as if she were their daughter.

The other protagonists are Nino (Enzo De Caro), Miky’s grandfather who, left a widower, lived every day hoping for his daughter to “wake up”.

The group of grown-up high school friends, like Giuliano (Simone Corrente), an idealistic teacher, who has always had a soft spot for Claudia but who will soon marry Vittoria (Margareth Madè), beautiful woman, precise and flawless.

There is the couple formed by Stefano (Raniero Monaco Di Lapio), a lecturer in physical education and the charming Fiorenza (Elena Cucci). Around them are the others, Miky’s schoolmates, Claudia’s minor friends, Miky’s alleged possible fathers.

Dr. Benpieri (Dino Abbrescia) is, instead, the doctor who followed Claudia during the coma years. Helped by his lover Virginia (Crisula Stafida), tries to take advantage of Claudia’s miraculous “respect” to be recognized for scientific merits that she absolutely does not have. Virginia, a dizzy nurse and dreamer, has been waiting for years for the day when her “luminary” is freed from her bulky wife, Anna (Cecilia Dazzi), now more dangerous than ever: as Claudia’s psychiatrist she risks discovering, hidden in the patient’s brain, certain embarrassing secrets about Benpieri.

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