New Trailer for City of Gangsters Is Dedicated to the Formation of the Boss of the Mafia

Studio SomaSim with the support of publishing house  Kasedo Games has released a new trailer for its future management simulator City of Gangsters. And he was dedicated to the main components of success as a mafia boss in the United States at the height of Prohibition, in the 1920s.

The story of the advancement to the heights of a criminal career was divided into four chapters. To begin with, they explain to us the importance of economics and logistics, with the help of which we create our own breweries and deliver goods to customers.

Any enterprise consists of a whole staff of employees, and you have to take both partners and competitors into account. The relationship between them can both help the business and destroy it. And the reputation earned opens up new paths and opportunities and can smooth out a number of sharp moments.

Finally, all work is unimportant if it can be destroyed in one fell swoop. We do not have much time to build our own empire: very soon, in 1933, Prohibition will be canceled, and all our businesses will become “legal” at one point. And what matters is what kind of legacy we will be able to build by that time.

City of Gangsters is coming to Steam and GOG on August 9th. Acceptance of pre-orders is already underway.

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