New trends in social media in 2022

According to the data from the latest study “Digital 2021 Global Statshot Report”, we already have almost five billion internet users in the world. This means that statistically over six out of ten people use this medium, and this number is constantly growing and there are no signs that the trend will be reversed.

The lion’s share of these people are also social media regulars. Their number has already exceeded four and a half billion, so we can easily calculate that over 93 percent of all Internet users spend their time in social media.

Each of them devotes an average of two hours and twenty-seven minutes a day to this activity. Taken together, this gives a stunning result over 11 billion hours spent by humanity each day enjoying this kind of pleasure. 11 billion hours a day, 78 billion hours a week, 334 billion hours a month, 4 trillion hours a year …

Over the last 12 months, the number of social media users has increased by 409 million, and over the past two years by over a billion. The coronavirus pandemic contributed to this impressive result, forcing us to make some changes in our lives, but even without additional stimuli, this result will be screwed up in the near future.

As many as seven platforms in 2021 had at least a billion unique, active users per month. This group includes well-known Polish internet users: Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, TikTok and Chinese WeChat, which, unlike other services, almost exclusively gathers citizens of one country, i.e. the Middle Kingdom.

Facebook has long been at the forefront of the competition. Although from time to time we hear about the next high-profile scandals related to this medium, such as data collection and leaks or censorship of selected content, the number of people using it is still growing. At this point, it is almost three billion, and next year, the platform is likely to be the first to break this round number in history. It seems that nothing can stop it from developing.

The podium is completed by YouTube and WhatsApp, which, apart from Mark Zuckerberg’s website, are the only ones that have reached two billion regular users. The next four places are separated from the top by a gap, which is over 600 million less Internet users. At this point, there is no sign of any new medium joining the big seven next year.

It has been easy to see for years that the short form is in vogue. Definitely fewer people decide to watch a 20-minute movie than to view 80 15-second clips. In the latter case, we often do not even realize how quickly our time passes. This is why TikTok has entered the mainstream so quickly.

The platform still holds the title of the most downloaded app in the world, and it looks like 2022 will also belong to it. Instagram will want to fight for popularity in this area with its newly introduced rolls, which were created solely thanks to the success of TikTok and only to be an alternative to it, but it is definitely now too late to harm the Chinese giant.

Twitter, which has recently significantly increased its user base, also benefits from the short-form vogue. It seems that in the near future such presentation of content will continue to attract internet users. Although there are voices to the contrary, the statistics speak for themselves.

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