New TV series on Sky and NOW in streaming, here is Ordinary Joe

There comes a neggs series on Sky and NOW, is Ordinary Joe, and the synopsis seems to intrigue a lot, since it plays on the alternative possibilities that depend on a single choice. Here’s cast and plot.

New TV series on Sky

Once upon a time there was Sliding Doors, while in the Marvel house he is called Nexus event. We are talking about a particular action that leads to completely different narrative developments from what could have been the normal course of a story. And that’s what happens to Joe. The Sky TV series is in fact based on a particular event that takes three different branches based on a single choice made by the protagonist, the character Joe. But let’s proceed in order.

We start from the launch date of the series, we start on April 13, so the first episode has already aired 2 days ago. You can also find it available on demand on NOW, visible in streaming. Behind the project is that genius of Matt Reevesone of the most interesting directors in the USA, who became famous for the 2006 film Cloverfild, today among the most interesting filmmakers of the moment thanks also to his latest effort, the film that probably consecrated him, namely The Batman.

New Sky TV series, who is Joe?

Reeves’ project was born in 2008, but it had a long gestation made up of many sacrifices. Eventually he moved on to other creatives and brought this kind of storyline to life. Joe is about to graduate, but is faced with a difficult choice. From this moment on, three different scenarios open up and the story will follow Joe’s life according to the three different narrative junctions unraveled by his choice. Here is the cast of the series:

James Wolk: Joe Kimbreau Natalie Martinez: Amy Kindelán Elizabeth Lail: Jenny Banks Charlie Barnett: Eric Payne, Joe’s best friend Adam Rodriguez: Bobby Diaz David Warshofsky: Frank Kimbreau Anne Ramsay: Gwen Kimbreau, mother of Joe Christine Adams: Regina Diaz, wife of Bobby John Gluck: Christopher, son of Joe and Jenny Joe Carroll: Ray, husband of Jenny in one of the three scenarios Jason Burke: Darren, husband of Jenny in one of the three scenarios Gabrielle Byndloss: Mallory, wife of Eric in one of the Three Jack Coleman Scenarios: Doctor Douglas Banks, Jenny’s father and Joe’s boss in one of three scenarios

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