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Coneheads, The First of Us season 1, and Machete Kills are some of the top titles heading to Paramount Plus as part of the August 21-27 schedule.

Starting Wednesday, August 23, Paramount Plus subscribers can watch Coneheads. Released in 1993, the comedy film is based on the popular Saturday Night Live skit of the same name. The story follows the Conehead family, who are aliens from the planet Remulak with distinctive cone-shaped heads. Directed by Steve Barron, the film features Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin reprising their roles as Beldar and Prymaat Conehead, the main characters from the SNL skit.

The streamer will also add the first season of the popular Argentinian telenovela The First of Us, aka El primero de nosotros, to its available content. The plot follows a close-knit circle of friends in their 40s, whose lives take an important turn when they learn that Santiago (played by Benjamín Vicuña) is struggling with a terminal illness. The cast includes Paola Krum, Luciano Castro, Jorgelina Aruzzi, Damián de Santo and Mercedes Funes. First of Us season 1 consists of 59 episodes.

Fans who subscribe to the Paramount Plus package with Showtime will be able to watch Machete Kills from 2013. Directed by Robert Rodriguez, Machete Kills sees the return of the titular vigilante played by Danny Trejo. The former Mexican federal agent must face a dangerous arms dealer and terrorist who wants to destroy the world. The cast includes Mel Gibson, Amber Heard, Michelle Rodriguez, Sofia Vergara and Charlie Sheen.

Paramount Plus Schedule August 21-27 | New TV and Movie Additions

Wednesday August 23

  • The First of Us (Season 1)
  • Bring out the dead
  • conical heads
  • Machete kills*

Thursday August 24

  • Football Must Go On (Season 1)
  • Organ Trail

*Title available for Paramount Plus with Showtime subscribers.

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