New Volkswagen Golf 9 2023-2024, an unprecedented SUV could replace it despite being successful

Few cars have become as famous as the Volkswagen Golf. For almost 50 years, the German sedan has been a real machine for everyone: it fits everywhere, it comes in multiple variations but obviously all good things are bound to end.

Volkswagen CEO Thomas Schafer said the company is working on one Golf 8 updated or an unpublished suv could replace it despite the success of this year 2022.

Volkswagen Golf 9 2023-2024: uncertain future

It’s not just the electric that threatens the existence of the Golf. Volkswagen’s CEO explained that he expects that the prices of European vehicles increase considerably over the next few years, due to the Euro 7 emissions legislation. This would make vehicles more expensive than before.

On a small car, these additional costs can hardly be absorbed. There entry level mobility with combustion engines it will be significantly more expensive and in the future there will be no more starting prices of € 10,000.

The solution? Move buyers to the ID range, the Volkswagen electric product family that also includes SUVs. In addition to the models currently on the market, Volkswagen plans to bring a compact solution to the market for less than 25,000 euros in three years.

Schafer further explained that market share is not the most important aspectbut rather the profits. The number one explained that, in an effort to become the largest automaker in the world, the company has created niche vehicles to fill several gaps. Ethics have changed since then and the goal is to remove the complexities of society.

Volkswagen Golf 9 2023-2024: uncertain future

While we can’t imagine an automotive industry without the Volkswagen Golf, Schafer says the sedan’s future depends on numbers. In practice it will be necessary to see if it will be worthwhile to develop a new vehicle that does not last all the expected years due to emissions. After all, the Golf 8 was marketed in 2019, while the Golf 8 lasted 7 years.

While the more urban declinations could find space within the ID range, for fans of the GTI version it would be a real blow to the heart. Schafer himself explained that up to 40% of the GTI and R models are sold with a manual gearbox. If the Golf 8 turns out to be the latest variant available, older models could become highly collectible solutions for years to come.

In this context, Reuters attributes the decline in demand declared to inflation which, although fair, is probably not the only cause. We are still seeing low inventory, long order lead times and some equipment fluctuations that could affect the opportunity for new cars. Falling demand is likely good news for the automotive market in general.

If excess production capacity returns, manufacturers can slowly build up stock units, easing the pain for both retailers and consumers.

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