NEW WHATSAPP: You can now report problematic content and users

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  • How to report a contact on WhatsApp
  • What happens to users, accounts or groups reported to WhatsApp?

whats up has new options to help its users find calmness and peace. From now on, META instant messaging application It’s been redesigned with options to report inappropriate content and problematic users.

The best thing about WhatsApp’s newness is that reports are kept confidential and there are strong sanctions against anyone who checks for cheating within the Mark Zuckerberg app.

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Possibility of Report users and keep them exposed as violators of WhatsApp Rules This is a more advanced step than what is already known for contact blocking.

WhatsApp’s statement reads, “If you believe we are sending you questionable content or spam, you can report it.”

  1. Open a chat with the person you want to report.
  2. Tap the More options icon (three vertical dots) and go to (More) and (Reports).
  3. Also check the corresponding box if you want to block the user and delete their chat messages.
  4. knock report

Once the report is complete, WhatsApp checks the last 5 messages received from that user. and/or groups (photos, videos, images, emojis, etc.).

“You can also long press on individual messages to report an account,” WhatsApp said.

  • Touch and hold the contact name and release to open the menu.
  • When you get there, scroll to the bottom.touch Block contact names.
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Also offers WhatsApp Single-view photos or videos may now be reported individually. Reported files are sent automatically. whats up. how do you do that These two steps explain:

  • Open a single-view photo or video.
  • Tap the (more options) icon > (report contact).

What happens to users, accounts or groups reported to WhatsApp?

with this Whatsapp updates You can stop focused and misguided users who threaten your peace of mind and integrity. Once the shipment is complete, goal app You can access the reported user and know all the information related to the message, such as the time it was sent and the type of message.

We may suspend your account if we believe your activity violates our Terms of Service.. Pursuant to our Terms of Service, we reserve the right to suspend accounts without prior notice,” WhatsApp clarifies.

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WhatsApp warns: Reporting users, accounts and groups does not guarantee that the app will be suspended or take action against the reported userTherefore, in addition to reporting, it is recommended to block the user on their mobile phone. “Keep in mind that even if you block a contact, they can see your messages and you can see theirs in group chats you and you are in.” stated in the statement. whats up.

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