New Year’s Eve 2021. How much does it cost to play? Most expensive in Karpacz and Zakopane

The prices of New Year’s Eve trips have been analyzed by the portal. As every year, popular tourist resorts are very popular, where despite high prices and initial concerns about the lockdown, there is already a shortage of vacancies.

New Year’s Eve in Zakopane is once again the most popular destination among Poles, who want to welcome the New Year away from home. – Every day there are fewer vacancies, which determines the increase in prices. It is worth taking this into account when planning the last days of the year near the Tatra Mountains – says Mateusz Goliat, an expert of the portal. For a four-day stay in Zakopane at the turn of the old and new year you have to pay PLN 1470 per person. This is the average price for an apartment or hotel room. If you rent an exclusive cottage or the New Year’s Eve ball package, you have to take into account much higher costs.

Staying in the capital of the Tatra Mountains is more expensive than the Karkonosze Mountains. New Year’s Eve in Karpacz is about 1500 PLN for a hotel room or apartment. The price list is similar in ski resorts such as Krynica-Zdrój or Szczyrk. A little cheaper on New Year’s Day you can welcome in Wisła. A three-day stay costs about PLN 1175.

For New Year’s Eve in Białka Tatrzańska, Biały Dunajec or Jurgów you have to pay about PLN 1,200. These are the most popular New Year’s Eve destinations among families with children. When making a reservation, however, remember that during the New Year’s Eve, the hosts offer rooms for a minimum of 4-7 days.

This year, houses off the beaten track are very popular among tourists planning a trip to New Year’s Eve. – Houses for 6 or 8 people are most sought after, away from the crowds. For many people, it is the best compromise between the willingness to leave and compliance with sanitary recommendations – points out Goliath.

The report shows that tourists willingly choose smaller but attractive towns such as Zawoja, Istebna or Muszyna in the Beskids or Baligród and Wetlina in the Bieszczady Mountains. Interest is also aroused by Rudawy Janowickie in Lower Silesia or Falsztyn and Szczawnica in the Pieniny Mountains. Here you have to spend an average of PLN 520 on a New Year’s Eve stay.

People who have not managed to book a New Year’s Eve stay in crowded towns can still count on a New Year’s Eve party in the city. In Warsaw, the average cost of a New Year’s Eve night is PLN 500. In Kraków and Wrocław, you have to pay about PLN 300 per person for the New Year’s Eve evening with a gala dinner and live music. In Poznań, prices start from PLN 250.

You can also spend New Year’s Eve at an event in the Tri-City, the cost of which ranges from PLN 250 upwards. People who want to extend the New Year’s stay in Gdańsk or Sopot to three days must spend over PLN 1,000. This year’s New Year’s Eve in Kołobrzeg is also popular. Smaller towns such as Pogorzelica, Władysławowo or Rewal encourage tourists with a New Year’s Eve holiday with a ball and SPA treatments at a much lower price.

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