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A great fall classic, previews of NBA franchises enliven each year the month preceding the start of the regular season. The rule is simple: every day, a new team comes under scrutiny. On the menu today? The New York Knicks, who want to continue their good work started last season and further improve the overall result. A look back at the offseason, presentation of the squad, reminder of the objectives and prediction, let’s go for the presentation of the Knicks!

What happened last season

47 wins, 35 losses, 5th in the Eastern Conference, eliminated in the semi-finals of the Playoffs. We were expecting a cousi-cousa season, half-fig, half-grape, blah blah. So many words to say that the Knicks have good players, but that we’re being screwed a little and that the outcome is at most a first round of the Playoffs. But no. These Knicks impressed us, driven by the fiery Jalen Brunson – Julius Randle duo. The leader who arrived from Dallas exploded individually to become a player of almost All-Star status (even if he already is in our collective basketball consciousness).

The Knicks did not particularly have the weapons to gain home-court advantage on a regular basis, but showed formidable combativeness to go so far as to overcome the Cavaliers at the end of a great series of basketball during the first round. of the Playoffs, thanks to a Brunson in a trance. In the semi-final, it crosses the Heat, no thanks Tom Thibodeau and his extra-gelar rotations which leave the holders searching for their lungs at the end of the match. Against the Cavaliers, ok. Against Erik Spoelstra’s Heat, on a mission? It’s dead. 4-2 defeat against Miami, the finalist. Are we doing it again this year, but better?

The summer market

  • They leave : Derrick Rose, Obi Toppin, Trevor Keels, Scott Perry
  • They extend: Josh Hart
  • They arrive : Donte DiVincenzo, Dylan Windler, Nathan Knight, Jaylen Martin, Jacob Toppin, Duane Washington Jr

The departure of Derrick Rose, a lost Toppin for another found and above all some nice little additions starting with that of Donte DiVincenzo, who will undoubtedly be an added value in the back position. For the rest, the expected extension of Josh Hart with the group, because the project is to win. The Knicks did not shine and for once, that may well – on paper – put a smile on their face.

The 2023-24 Knicks roster

  • Leaders : Jalen BrunsonImmanuel Quickley, Ryan Arcidiacono, Duane Washington Jr
  • Rears : Quentin GrimesDonte DiVincenzo, Miles McBride, Evan Fournier
  • Wingers : RJ BarrettDaQuan Jeffries, Dylan Windler, Jacob Toppin
  • Power forwards : Julius RandleJosh Hart, Isaiah Robby, Jaylen Martin
  • Pivots : Mitchell RobinsonIsaiah Harteinstein, Jericho Sims, Nathan Knight

In bold the expected starters, according to the famous sources close to the file.

A group which does not evolve massively, but which retains its initial quality while adding interesting little pieces here and there. As always, we are banking on the Brunson – Randle tandem to carry the group, because a strong ex-inter pair is the basis and it is not Luka Doncic who will say the opposite.

A little video in passing?

New York Knicks 2023-24 salaries

New York Knicks 23-24 Salaries

TTFL: Knicks players to follow

Jalen Brunson, Julius Randle and Mitchell Robinson.

No blah blah. Here, we speak the truth and we release the blaz’ which will delight you in 76.7% of cases, stat’ approved by the TrashTalk pifometer. More seriously, the Knicks are built around two strong and complementary profiles. We will have a preference for Jalen Brunson, capable of catching fire in almost all contexts, but a little Julius Randle on a match night against the Warriors with Klay Thompson on defense? Come on, it’s totally done. At worst, there remains Mitchell Robinson who can occasionally send a 15 point 15 rebound, but let’s not hide it: you have to have mold.

Infirmary: update on injuries

We remember Julius Randle’s ankle injury just before the Playoffs last year. For the rest, pretty cool and we won’t complain about it in the Big Apple. Above all, watch out for: the physical pressure put on the starting players by Tom Thibodeau’s very extended playing time. If the guys remain high-level athletes, this time they will be much more anticipated than last season in many venues and it will just be imperative to make everyone breathe. Otherwise, it risks being picked up with a teaspoon in April.

What are the goals this season?

The Eastern Conference in 2023-24 is hot. A place run by the Celtics and the Bucks, the neighborhood bosses. Apart from cataclysm or the end of the world, these two teams should logically dominate the debates without too much worry at the top of the ranking and fight for the throne. Behind, on the other hand, it is more open. The recent events surrounding James Harden risk causing a little chaos for the Sixers and the Knicks must take advantage of this to climb into the top quartet. The real fight will undoubtedly be with the Cavaliers for 3rd place, just to avoid a potential series against the Sixers.

Once the Playoffs come, returning to the Conference semi-finals would be a minimum, going to strongly tickle one of the two big fish in the area would be a great performance, knocking one over would be a resounding feat. The Knicks especially need to review their game and in particular the rotations, which will still be costly if they are not more balanced.

The editor’s prediction

51 victories – 31 defeats.

With a group that remains essentially the same in terms of strong elements, the Knicks are capable of providing at least the same work as last year. We nevertheless hope that they will assume the status of stronghold in the East acquired a few months ago by achieving significant additional successes when it comes to marking the minds of their opponents and especially the Playoffs. Jalen Brunson All-Star, Julius Randle extreme mover, and here we go for a season that we want to be successful so as not to think that 2022-23 was an anomaly. The Knicks deserve better than that.

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