New York. Private sector workers will need to be vaccinated against COVID-19

The mayor also announced several other requirements. He argued that they are essential to keep New Yorkers safe in the face of the new variant of COVID-19, the omicron.

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New York City Mayor: Vaccinations are a central weapon against the coronavirus

– We know the omicron is here. […] We have to assume it will spread. We have to assume that it will be a real challenge for us – emphasized de Blasio on MSNBC TV.

He called vaccination a “central weapon” against the coronavirus. In his opinion, it will be possible to avoid introducing other burdensome restrictions.

– This is the greatest crisis in the history of New York. We cannot allow COVID-19 to break through the door again, said the mayor.

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New York. Private sector workers must be vaccinated against COVID-19

The vaccination obligation for the private sector is expected to enter into force on December 27. It will be a few days before the end of de Blasio’s second and final term as mayor, which ends on December 31.

At the same time, he announced several other ordinances in connection with the omicron hazard. The city will extend the obligation to vaccinate in closed rooms of restaurants, bars, fitness clubs and playrooms for children aged 5 to 11 years. The requirement will apply from December 14th.

Beginning December 27, all employees and customers of indoor catering establishments, fitness clubs and entertainment centers will be required to present a certificate of receipt of two doses of the vaccine, instead of the usual one.

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According to local radio 1010, WINS de Blasio also announced that the city is extending the obligation to take one dose of the vaccine to participants in “high-risk extracurricular activities”, for example in music and sports groups for children 5 years and older. The requirement, which previously only applied to children from the age of 12, goes into effect on December 14.

City Health Commissioner Dr. Dave Chokshi has warned that coronavirus cases have increased in recent weeks due to the delta variant.

– From the last, low level at the beginning of November, they have more than doubled. They have increased in every district and in every age group, Chokshi noted, adding that the city must be “even more relentless than the virus.”

De Blasio 1010 WINS asked for an opinion on the new moves by de Blasio 1010 WINS, the spokesperson for Eric Adams who became mayor from January 1.

– The mayor-elect will judge […] Covid strategy when in office. It will make its findings based on science, effectiveness and advice from health professionals, Thies said.

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