New York traffic tax coming from $ 23 per day

Sting coming for motorists in New York. The Big Apple could introduce a traffic congestion tax of up to $ 23 per day next year, which according to a study released yesterday would reduce the number of cars entering Manhattan by 15% – 20%. According to US media, the city wants to charge a daily variable toll on vehicles entering or staying within the area between 60th Street and Battery Park, at the southern end of Manhattan.

New York, which has the busiest traffic in the United States, would be the first major American city to follow London, which introduced a similar tax in 2003. Local authorities approved the plan in 2019 and was originally scheduled to start in 2021. , but the federal government under Donald Trump took no action.

The Federal Highway Administration (Fhwa), which must give the green light to the measure, said it approved the required environmental assessment and the agency will review public comments sent by 9 September. According to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), which deals with public transportation in upstate New York, the tax could take effect for up to 10 months after approval.

“It’s good for the environment, for public transportation, for New York and for the region,” said Janno Lieber, CEO of MTA. Passenger vehicle drivers could pay $ 9 to $ 23 to enter the “red” zone at rush hour, while night tolls could be $ 5.

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