newspaper compares numbers with Cristiano Ronaldo and is tough when analyzing 1st year of star at PSG

Newspaper Le Parisien made a tough analysis of Messi’s first season with the PSG shirt

In a report published this Wednesday (11) with the title “Paris has never seen the real Messi“, the newspaper Le Parisien made a very harsh analysis of the Argentine star’s first season with the shirt of PSG.

In the text, the diary says that shirt 30 has only two more games for French Championship to “improve his image a little”, and stresses that Messi “certainly did not expect this” when he left the barcelona to sign with Paris.

“Messi certainly did not expect to end his first year outside Barca, which has always been his strength, as a supporting player, generating mere indifference, and still having to hear boos from the same fans who welcomed him with applause last summer,” he said.

The outlet then compared Messi’s numbers with Cristiano Ronaldo (whom the newspaper called “his best enemy) to show how poor the Argentine’s season was, despite the Portuguese’s year not having been spectacular either (by its high standards). ).

“At the Manchester United, CR7 recorded its worst numbers since 2005/06. However, he still scored 24 goals in the season, including 23 in the Premier Leaguewhich makes him the 2nd most effective player in the championship, behind only Mohamed Salah (28 goals), with an average of 0.77 goals/game”, he wrote.

Messi, in turn, noted 9 goals and gave 13 assists so far by PSG.

“It is inconceivable to think that this is the same player who, in the 2011/12 season, scored 73 goals and provided 29 assists in 60 games. call 1with 4 goals, with two rounds to go in the campaign”, he analyzed.

THE Le Parisien also points out that Messi “was never helped by the tactical system” of coach Mauricio Pochettino, which was detrimental to his adaptation to the new team.

“Being practically ‘exiled’ on the right flank of the 4-3-3, Messi finds his legs no longer having the strength to float as they did in his heyday. Pochettino’s tactical system certainly hasn’t made his life easier at the club.” opined.

Finally, the newspaper reveals that, despite the mere 4 goals in the French Championship and the squeak of the fans, Messi continues to be a commercial success.

According to the daily, the Argentine is responsible for no less than 60% of sales of uniforms with name and number in official PSG stores.

“At least from the point of view of marketingthe signing of Messi was an unprecedented success. […] Thanks to him, Paris broke records, equaling last season’s official merchandise sales in just six months.”

“Even the darling Kylian Mbappé lags behind Messi, who is responsible for selling 60% of the official shirts. In addition, he continues to attract the attention of sponsors, who are lining up to put their marks on the Paris kit”, he continued.

“And then there was the explosion on PSG’s social media: after gaining more than 20 million followers in the week of Messi’s signing, Paris now regularly gain around 1 million new fans on their networks each week.”

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