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Weather: The next few days, still hot with crazy temperatures, let’s see how long

Stable and warm weather in the next few daysNice weather, heat and crazy temperatures: these will be the ingredients in the next days.

A real one has definitely established itself over our heads anticyclonic colossus which continues to draw energy from the warm lands of North Africa. It is literally embracing a large part of the Mediterranean basin, so much so that in many of our regions Summer is practically back with temperatures well above the seasonal average, even 7/8 ° C.
As for the weather there is very little to tell and if it were not for the mists or banks of fog that loom over the Po Valley at night or in the early morning, we will have clear skies everywhere, from North to South.

But what will happen then in the next few days? And above all, you know When it will end this umpteenth hit of the tail of the Summer?
Let’s start with the first question: the weather will not change one iota in the next 24/48 hours and therefore until Friday 28 the atmosphere will continue to doze and offer us days with a summer flavor, especially on two Major Islands where the mercury columns will once again rise beyond the threshold of 30 ° C. And we are now at the gates of November …
But the warm good weather will also envelop the rest of the regions, even the northern ones, although here there will be a slightly less hot context over much of the Po Valley due to fogs, low clouds and mists that will keep the atmosphere less clear and that , play strength, will not allow the sun to heat up as much as the rest of the country, thus limiting the rise of the thermometers.

This brings us to the second question: are there any signs of change on the horizon? As always, in these cases, the Computing Centers come to our aid. Although they have not yet found a common and more precise trend line, the chances of a turning point immediately after the Halloween and All Saints’ Bridge seem to increase (the latest maps see the return of some rain from Wednesday 2 November) when from Northern Europe a cyclonic vortex with typically autumnal characteristics could descend towards Italy.

We therefore remain waiting to see if this trend will be confirmed. We will keep you posted.

Maximum temperatures expected for Sunday 30 OctoberMaximum temperatures expected for Sunday 30 October

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