Next to Beyoncé, Jorge and Mateus hits unprecedented mark with launch

the duo Jorge e Mateus, one of the most consecrated in the sertanejo, continues to score great successes. The album release “It’s that simple” reached the third place of the most listened to the Spotify Brazil on the weekend. An important brand even after a 15-year career.

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Jorge e Mateus hits unprecedented mark with new release (Reproduction)

“It’s that simple” is loaded with unreleased songs and re-recordings of great musical hits. In all, 18 tracks. They are: “All Yours”, “So Thanks”, “Blanket / Glad”, “5 Rules”, “Penumbra”, “Ocean Water / Where the Sun Rises”, “You’ll Feel Longing”, “Angel of Amor / Two”, “Canto a Pedra”, “Face to Face / Desire to Love”, “Just You and Me”, “What I Do / Worse is Losing You / It’s Written in My Eyes”, “Habit ”, “Diz Pra Ela / Loneliness is a Hangover”, “A Mais Louca Paixão”, “Quem É / Hello”, “Faz Assim”, “I Don’t Wanna Dance / Colo de Menina / Laughing À Toa” and “Me and you forever”.

The duo chose to re-record hits from Leandro and Leonardo, João Paulo and Daniel, Bruno and Marrone, Zezé Di Camargo and Luciano, Victor and Leo, Vanessa da Mata, Jorge Aragão and Marisa Monte. In an official note, singer Jorge explained a little about the process of choosing the repertoire.

“People will have a nostalgic moment when they hear this selection. We chose a repertoire with an infinity of songs and each of us gave an opinion, within our preferences, on what would be recorded. It’s like we’re diving into the past doing our reinterpretation of songs that are part of many people’s history”said the singer.

Such a success of the album, the country duo was on the same podium as the queen Beyonce, which occupied the first place in the ranking of the most listened to Spotify Brazil last weekend. One of the hits goes to “Todo Seu”, which occupies 12th place in the Brazilian charts, with more than 400 thousand reproductions. And it doesn’t stop there, the track “5 Rules” also entered the ranking, occupying the 47th position.

“We arrived with a varied repertoire, with different styles and music. This is an acoustic and minimalist album, and it has songs that we’ve been listening to since the 90’s, when we started our musical taste.”added Matthew.

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