Next week, after Ferragosto everything changes; the latest updates are amazing »

Weather: Next week, after August 15th everything changes; the latest updates are amazing

Important movements on a hemispheric scale, between Atlantic lunges and new advances of the African anticyclone

Weather forecast for next weekThe latest updates for next week they have partially changed the trend: Italy risks finding itself right in the middle of the battlefield between the storms and the possible arrival of the sixth heat wave of the season with direct consequences on many regions.
The reasons are to be found in the great atmospheric maneuvers who are able to upset the expected time also on Italy right in the heart of Summer.

After a few days with temperatures on average over a large part of Italy and several thunderstorms (some even with hail and damage) that will last until the day of Mid-August, here comes a new turning point that will upset the European climate picture. The main actor of this change will be the infamous African anticyclone which, from within the Sahara desert, will stretch towards Europe and the Mediterranean Sea as early as Tuesday 16 August, consequently also incorporating our country.
By analyzing in detail this advance of high pressure we can clearly see the intrinsic characteristics of the mass in question: it is one very hot air mass of subtropical matrix that will cause not only extreme atmospheric stability with lots of sun, but also asoaring temperatures.

The heat will be particularly noticeable on the Tyrrhenian regions and on the two major islands where the thermal values ​​will reach diffusely above 36 ° C during the afternoon hours. Even in the city like Florence or Rome you can reach peaks up to 38-39 ° C, in short, the classic African heat blaze. We also do not exclude that in the inland areas of Sicily and Sardinia maximum peaks above 40 ° C can be reached due to the scorching winds from the southern quadrants (Scirocco and Libeccio).

But be careful, the anticyclonic shield will not be able to protect all of Italy. In fact, the northern regions will be targeted by cooler and more unstable currents, especially from Thursday 18 August, with the more than concrete risk of violent temporal first onAlpine arc in extension then also to the nearby plains of Piedmont, Lombardy and Veneto. On this, however, we will have the opportunity to talk about it in the next updates as the trajectory of unstable currents could change, and affect other areas.

Next week, new advance of the African anticycloneNext week, new advance of the African anticyclone

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