Next week, already from Sunday strong sudden shock in the summer. Let’s see what will happen »

Weather: Next week, already from Sunday strong sudden shock in the summer. Let’s see what happens

African heat could take a temporary break …

Weather forecast for next weekSudden change of summer. This is the most important news that has just emerged from the latest updates in view of the next week: already from Sunday 7 could to get a good shock after the long period of anticyclonic domination with the return of thunderstorms also accompanied by hail on various regions of our country.

To understand the causes of this turning point, we must broaden our gaze to the entire European chessboard: already from next Sunday, the ascent of the Azores Anti-cyclone towards northern latitudes, as far as Scandinavia, would trigger the descent of fresher and more unstable air in response. altitude in descent from north-eastern Europe towards the Mediterranean basin. Therefore, the probability of a first storm break will increase considerably over the weekend, especially in the Alps and in the Northern regions with hail.

The flow of cooler currents will continue also in the following days, giving way to a decidedly more lively phase after many weeks of atmospheric calm. Seen i strong thermal contrasts between the pre-existing air, red-hot from the previous days, and the new one arriving, decidedly fresher, we do not exclude the risk of extreme weather events with the possibility of local hailstorms and gusts of wind as well; The regions of the Center and North will be at greatest risk first and then also those of South, where between Tuesday 9 and Wednesday 10 thunderstorms are expected, even of strong intensity, first on inland areas, then in extension towards the coasts. In this context, temperatures will undergo a significant decrease, thanks to winds from the northern quadrants.

Then, in the second part of the week, the high pressure reinforcement; if this were to be confirmed, it is reasonable to expect much more stable and sunny weather conditions with a new increase in temperatures. But we will be able to talk about this in the next updates …

More unstable air currents descending from Europe: risk of severe thunderstormsMore unstable air currents descending from Europe: risk of severe thunderstorms

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