Next week, everything collapses sooner than expected! Now there is a date for the Autumn Turnaround »

Weather: Next week, everything collapses sooner than expected! There is now a date for the Fall Breakthrough

Weather forecast Next WeekWith the start of the next week a real one could come autumn turn, with the sudden transition from a purely summer climate to a typically autumnal phase. After resizing the “November“here it could all collapse sooner than expected. Now is the date.

The anticyclone of Halloween it will reach its peak heat by October 31st, but soon at the start of next week the “joke“from the Atlantic. After a start still with some guarantees of good weather between All Saints and the Dead, the weather situation could start to change drastically from Thursday 3 November. A perturbation of North Atlantic origin, supported by relatively cold polar-maritime air, would first involve the United Kingdom and France and then head towards Italy (Thursday 3 – Friday 4 November), leading to a significant worsening of the weather, widespread rainslocals temporal and the snow also on Alps (on average about 1800-2000 meters).

The wave of bad weather would also be accompanied by a load of cold air, able to suddenly catapult us from almost summer conditions to a period with a decidedly autumnal flavor. The minimum temperatures nocturnal would also begin to descend below 9-10 ° C on the main cities of the Valpadanawhile the maximum should not exceed 14-15 ° C. A real “thermal shock“significant, perceptible initially in Northern Italy and then towards the end of next week also in the central-southern Italian regions.

The regions most involved at the moment, they would initially be those of Central-Northern Italy, with even intense phenomena, locally also of a thunderstorm mold between Liguria And Tuscanyintense and widespread rains on the rest of the North, while al Center-South would temporarily continue to persist one climatic phase still purely summer. But in view of the weekend 5-6 November the wave of bad weather it might even push towards the Southbringing a significant worsening of the weather in these regions as well, and a drop in temperatures.

So the first ten days of November could give us “true autumn”!

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