Next week, from Monday Cyclone with severe bad weather over Italy, the snow will also return; forecasts »

Weather: Next week, from Monday Cyclone with severe bad weather over Italy, the snow will also return; forecasts

Weather forecast for next weekDuring next week Italy risks being hit by a serious wave of bad weather, with serious risk of heavy rainfall. All this will be accompanied by intense winds and a general drop in temperatures which will also favor the return of the snow on our mountains, at rather low altitudes for the period. Given the type of configuration, the greatest danger is that of the possible formation of self-healing thunderstormsrecently hit the news during the flood episode that hit the Marche.

Already since Monday 26 the descent of a mighty depression from Northern Europe fed by air masses of arctic-maritime origin and driven by intense southerly winds, it will cause the formation of a real one Mediterranean cyclone able to trigger intense precipitations, even in the form of storms and accompanied by violent gusts of wind. The still high temperatures (above average values ​​of about 3/4 ° C) of the surface waters of our seas will provide that surplus of energy (in the form of latent heat and humidity) for the genesis of massive storm systems.

Flood risk: as confirmed by the latest updates, the potential exists for extreme weather events and, given the type of configuration that will be outlined, the regions most exposed will be those of the Northeast, the Tyrrhenian (Tuscany And Lazio in the first place) and part of those of the South (especially Campania And Calabria).

The biggest danger with this type of disturbed entrances concerns the possible stationarity of storm phenomena which could persist for many hours / days in the same areas, with the risk of floods: this could occur due to a high pressure “wall” on the Balkans which would effectively prevent the disturbance from moving eastwards. This is one of the potentially most insidious and dangerous configurations for our country: maximum attention, therefore, precisely for the possible triggering of the notorious self-healing thunderstormsthe same ones that recently hit the Marcheespecially on Lazio and Campania where up to over 300 mm of rain could fall in a few days (the equivalent of what it usually rains in 3 months).
The depression front, in addition to a heavy wave of bad weather, will also be responsible for a thermal drop with the temperatures that they will carry below the reference climatic averagesespecially al Center-North.
If this is confirmed, it is reasonable to expect a phase of intense bad weatherpurely autumnal, with severe risk of extreme weather events, at least until the first days of October.

The will also return snow on our mountains, especially on the border Alps where the flakes could descend to an altitude of 1400/1500 meters, whitening places such as Livigno (SO), Solda (BZ) and Breuil Cervinia (AO). A respectable event to occur in the final part of the month of September and which has not happened for some years. On the central-northern Apennines the flakes will fall only over 2000 meters due to the intense Scirocco winds that will keep the temperatures higher.

Next week: Mediterranean cyclone with thunderstorms, storms and strong gusts of windNext week: Mediterranean cyclone with thunderstorms, storms and strong gusts of wind

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