Next Week, from Monday deep Cyclone with Thunderstorms, Storms and Wind; the trend »

Weather: Next Week, from Monday deep Cyclone with Thunderstorms, Storms and Wind; the trend

Weather forecast for next weekAutumn will not tiptoe: temporal, storms, strong wind and a gradually colder climatethese will be the ingredients that will accompany the start of the new season.
The confirmation has just arrived: after a weekend that is already expected to be quite stormy, the next weeksince Monday 26th September, a deep cyclone will break through Italyunleashing a bad weather phase with effects on most of the regions.

In short, this time it could really be time to bring out the heavier clothes.
Nothing too anomalous, mind you. From a climatological point of view, Autumn is period of heavy rains and the reason it must be sought at high latitudes where some are formed large areas of depression (the classic perturbations) that often impact first on Western Europe and then also on our country.
And that’s exactly what we expect soon. Eyes on, in particular, from Monday 26: a powerful depression pushed by air masses of arctic-maritime origin will result in a first real wave of autumn bad weather. Be careful because the cold currents entering from the Rhone door will favor the formation of a Mediterranean cyclone able to trigger intense precipitation, even in the form of storms and violent gusts of wind.
At the moment the areas most at riskas the latest updates confirm, appear to be the North (Liguria, Piedmont And Lombardy primarily) and the Tyrrhenian regions (Tuscany and, later, the Lazio), then also the South will probably have its load of storms and heavy rains.

The biggest danger with this type of disturbed entrances concerns the possible stationarity of storm phenomena which could persist for many hours / days on the same regions, causing flash floods: this could occur due to a high pressure “wall” on the Balkans which would effectively prevent the disturbance from moving towards the east. This is one of the potentially most insidious and dangerous configurations for our country: maximum attention, therefore, precisely for the possible triggering of the notorious self-healing thunderstormsthe same ones that recently hit the Marche.
This depression front, as well as a heavy wave of bad weather, will also be responsible for a drastic thermal drop with the temperatures that they will carry below the reference climatic averagesespecially al Center-North.

If this is confirmed, it is reasonable to expect a phase of intense bad weather, purely autumnal, with a severe risk of extreme weather events at least until the first days of October.

Next week: Mediterranean cyclone with thunderstorms, storms and strong gusts of windNext week: Mediterranean cyclone with thunderstorms, storms and strong gusts of wind

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