Nexus Mods hacked: ‘small number of people affected’

Mods are one of the nicest aspects of PC gaming: mostly free extra content, improvements that the developer does not want to implement, you name it. Probably the most popular platform for bringing in mods is Nexus Mods, where you can also create an account for more ease of use. If you do, it may now be a good idea to change your password. The platform is hacked.

This announces the company: an exploit using an old version of the software, a hacker on November 8 could come to a small number of user data. The leak was resolved immediately, but Nexus Mods says it cannot guarantee that the hacker has further access to data. It is therefore recommended that you change your password and use the new user service.

Nexus Mods had just introduced that new user service, precisely to prevent hacks and other exploits. This hack has brought forward the release of the more secure software. However, users must be logged in again since it went live. If you have not logged out and logged in since 20 November, Nexus Mods recommends that you do this as soon as possible so that your account can be migrated to the new software.

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