Neymar and Bruna Biancardi would have ended dating after influencer discovered betrayal by the player


Blogger would have discovered cheating after party at the player’s house

Neymar and Bruna Biancardi's end was due to a betrayal by the ace, says newspaper
© Image 1 – Reproduction: Instagram/Bruna Biancardi | Image 2 – Reproduction: Instagram/NeymarNeymar and Bruna Biancardi’s end was due to a betrayal by the ace, says newspaper

The couple Neymar Jr. and Bruna Biancardi returned to the news after news came out that the influencer would have ended your relationship with the ace after discovering a betrayal on his part. The information was provided by Extra newspaperwho claims to have spoken with a witness.

According to the source, who did not identify himself, Bruna would have been betrayed by Neymar during an arraiá party that he promoted in his own mansion, which is located in Mangaratiba. The situation gets complicated when it is revealed that, apparently, the influencer was also at the place.

Even being present, Biancardi would only have discovered the ‘horn’ days later, even appearing in public in a romantic mood with her boyfriend a few times. According to the newspaper, she would have been informed about the player’s attitude and the act would have happened while she was sleeping.

Upon discovering the betrayal, the model broke up with the ace on the same day and would have left the mansion as soon as possible: “She found out he had hooked up with a girl and ended it right there. It was an auê. Bruna took her things and left as soon as she got up, without talking to anyone”, the source told Extra.

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