Neymar arrives early in PSG training and receives praise

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Neymar took a radical training stance this pre-season for PSG. After re-introducing himself to the club ahead of schedule, shirt 10 has been arriving early at the CT in Paris. The Brazilian’s focus has been on finishing from free kicks and from outside the area.

This Monday (11), Neymar arrived an hour and a half before the scheduled time. He was praised by a club employee: “First in, last out”. Alongside him, Marquinhos, Vitinha, Draxler and Wijnaldum also anticipated the day’s training.

In a year of the World Cup in Qatar and the Champions League for PSG, Neymar is focused and optimistic to have a better season than the last. In recent statements live on Facebook, he nailed:

“This year, all kicks will go in: from a free-kick, from outside the area, with a header. I have a good feeling. I’m confident. I trained a lot on this vacation”, said the PSG number 10.

New coach Christophe Galtier arrived at Paris Saint-Germain playing Neymar, who has been embroiled in speculation about a possible departure.

“Obviously, I want Neymar to stay, as when you have world-class players it’s better to have them in your favor than against them,” said the new commander, who replaces Mauricio Pochettino.

Due to the ‘lifestyle’ that generates negative repercussions in France, injuries and below-expected performance last season, Neymar ran the risk of being traded by PSG. He scored just 13 goals and eight assists in 28 games in 2021/22. However, the Brazilian is expected to remain and partner with Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé.

Neymar chooses the two best area forwards he has seen play

“I’ve played against (Ronaldo), unfortunately. Of those I saw play, almost at their peak, were Ronaldo and Romario. Romario was 11, but he was a center forward. Ronaldo leaves the area more. But inside the area, Romario was bizarre. It does not give. His positioning is very good”, analyzed Neymar about the two Brazilian stars.

Romario praised the shirt number 10 of the Brazilian team: “Does Neymar have the conditions to show better football than he has shown this season? 100% I believe it will happen. He’s going to prepare to overcome himself in the World Cup”, said ‘Baixinho’.

“He’s a good guy, he treats people well, he’s among the top 5 in world football even though he’s not having a very good season”, commented on the PSG shirt number 10 at BarbaCast.

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