Neymar has already chosen who will own the “10” And it’s not Vinicius jr

Neymar with the shirt of the Brazilian national team.
Neymar with the shirt of the Brazilian national team.

Just five months before the start of the Qatar World Cup, Rodrygo Goesattacker of Real Madrid, released a conversation with Neymar in which the Brazilian ace confessed that he has no intention of wearing the national team’s shirt for much longer and that he had already chosen that he would wear the 10 of the ‘selection after him.

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ney told me: ‘I’m leaving the national team, number 10 is yours’. I didn’t even know what to say to him. I was embarrassed, I laughed and couldn’t express myself properly. little more, that it is not my intention to inherit the 10 now. How did he react? Simple, he laughed.” This conversation between the two Brazilians could be the beginning of Neymar’s farewell with the Brazilian team. The idea of ​​leaving the national team could become a reality in mid-December, at the end of the World Cup.

A few months ago, Neymar already talked about how he feels about Brazil: “It’s very sad to live with the feeling that when the ‘selection’ plays it’s not important. When I was a child, a simple fan, the game of Brazil It was a real event.”

Perhaps Neymarwith these declarations, is already preparing the ground to pave the way for young people in selection Brazilian. Without doubt, rodrygoalong with the also player of Real Madrid, viniciuswould be the heirs of the ace in the PSG.

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