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Neymar still causes distrust of the fans, both the Paris Saint-Germain as much as the national team, but off the field he is accumulating a series of other activities that leave him in the spotlight and richer. The 30-year-old is one of the most sought-after figures in the global advertising and entertainment market. He transcends the natural barriers of football and draws together personalities from other segments, such as music, TV and cinema. Neymar has become a machine to make money, generate employment and arouse interest from fans and critics.

Positioned as the 4th highest paid athlete in the world, according to Forbes (a gain of US$ 95 million in 2021), the PSG number 10 has an estimated (and unconfirmed) net worth of R$ 1 billion, according to the magazine itself. Money made since it started at Santos, passing through Barcelona until arriving in Paris. Before he wore the PSG shirt, in the biggest football deal, the website Goal already gave his fortune in R$ 520 million. doubled.

Despite having left the last World Cup with a scratched image, Neymar kept one of the most expensive fees in the sport. Partner companies such as Puma, Red Bull, PokerStars and Facebook, among others, do not hesitate to say that the player brings a positive return to the brands. Nothing seems to shake its image and the strength it has in front of consumers.

He is also focused on dedicating part of his achievements to his own initiatives. O Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr., in Praia Grande, is one of them. The place serves children and families in the region, with infrastructure for their development in several areas.

“I always say that the Institute was my most beautiful goal. There’s nothing more gratifying than seeing a child smile and hearing a ‘thank you’ for having created the Institute, which is a place where they can play, study and do sports instead of being on the street,” Neymar said to the audience. Estadão. “I think they are different things, different emotions, but the joy of winning a title and seeing that for 7 years we have been helping thousands of families, this has the same effect on me: of joy and accomplishment”. The place is managed by Neymar’s company, with several partnerships.

Neymar is one of the few in the sport that has been building his empire in activity. In addition to the partnerships, the athlete and his family own NR Sports, a company that manages the image not only of the striker, but of some other sportsmen, such as the Olympic medalist Thiago Braz. NR Sports participates in campaigns and negotiations with sponsors. It is she who makes Neymar’s career turn, indicates the next steps, directs activities and discusses all contracts.


This vision of Neymar beyond the four lines started back there, still at Santos, in 2010. When Chelsea arrived in Vila with a proposal of 30 million euros (R$ 70 million at the time), the value of the termination penalty, President Luís Álvaro de Oliveira Ribeiro met with his marketing manager, Armênio Neto, with the aim of building a career plan to keep Neymar longer at the club.

“We set up a team to implement Neymar’s career plan. We work as an advertising agency focused on it. It was the embryo of NR Sports. Today, the company has a muscle, but it started there”, recalls Arménio, specialist in sports business and commander of Let!s Goal. “We believed that it would be absorbed by the market, we just needed to prepare it. But, if you asked me if I would imagine that Neymar would generate this world of advertising contracts around him, the answer would be no. He quickly learned to handle the cameras and was absorbed by the market.”

Santos made a contract in which all publicity reached for Neymar, through the right of image, was transferred in 70% to him. The demand was so great that, with the remaining 30%, the club was already able to pay the salary agreed with the player.

The family, following closely the entire process, saw that it was possible for her to have the image rights. The next renewal would be on these bases, as happened with Barcelona, ​​a period in which NR Sports took over as the holder of the athlete’s image rights.

Neymar has become a global brand. In 2013, the year he left Brazil, the 21-year-old striker was named by SportsPro magazine as the most marketable athlete in the world. “Neymar is definitely one of the greatest ambassadors in Puma’s history. The impact he has, not only as a player, but also off the pitch, is unparalleled. This impact is across the entire brand, across all segments and markets. We haven’t seen such an impact since we signed with Rihanna,” said Clément Lacour, Puma’s Sports Marketing Project Leader. The American singer has even been seen a few times alongside the Brazilian athlete.

Neymar often makes this crossing in other areas with other personalities. He has been to events alongside Stephen Curry, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Odell Beckham Jr., stars of US basketball and football, sports of which he is a fan, in addition to musicians Drake and Justin Bieber, and boxer Floyd Mayweather and pilot English Lewis Hamilton. All of his public appearances have a financial return.

In his first dribbles in Vila, he already had products with his brand, such as school supplies. Today, the garments that bear his name depict his style. Puma has already launched a line inspired by his tattoos and the symbols important to his journey, with him participating in the creation and design process. There is a new line signed by Neymar for the end of the year, exploring the period of the Qatar World Cup.

“We didn’t have the dimension of what he would become. Not only would he win titles, but he would go through big clubs. We never imagined that he would become a world idol”, said Neymar da Silva Santos, father and partner of NR Sports.

Neymar also has his investor side and was delighted by NFTs (non-fungible tokens), the so-called exclusive digital arts. This year alone, he invested almost R$ 7 million in images of bored monkeys, believing in a great future appreciation. The profile picture on his social networks is one of the little monkeys that the player acquired from the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

In addition to the exclusivity of the images, the NFT holder receives a pass for events, parties and discussion groups on the subject. The community that Neymar entered already has other celebrities, such as American TV presenter Jimmy Fallon and rapper Eminem.

He donated his image in partnership with NFT STAR for the creation of these same digital arts. Photos, videos and player animations will be turned into collectibles and available to investors. Calculate earning millions.


Neymar grew up in Jardim Glória, Praia Grande, alongside his sister Rafaella, his father and mother Nadine. He often jumped over the wall to play ball in the local field. He bought this 8,400 m² camp and transformed it into the Instituto Projeto Neymar Júnior, opened in December 2014. “My parents and my family were always present. I’m sure that if it weren’t for them, we could have gone the other way. If I wasn’t at school, I was playing ball or at home. I had a happy and protected childhood with what little my parents had. But if I had participated in a social project like the Institute, with my friends from Jardim Glória, we would all have had other opportunities, other experiences. Thank God I followed the path of sport, but not everyone was as lucky as me,” Neymar told Estadão.

The structure of Instituto Neymar Jr. It has classrooms, soccer field, swimming pool, gym, cinema and even medical offices. It serves 3,000 young people between the ages of 7 and 17, in addition to their family members with an income below the minimum wage (R$ 1,212). “Our family knows the reality of Jardim Glória well. Nadine and I, with the help of friends, built our own house, which is close to the Institute. We moved to Praia Grande, with Neymar and Rafaella still small, so we know the reality and the difficulties that those families have. We always thought that the time would come when we would be able to repay everything that football has provided for our family”, said Neymar’s father. “Then, in 2011, the Institute started to take shape and the first scribble of the structure we drew on a napkin. It was just a few containers, which would be classrooms, and a football field. It was me, Neymar and my brother when we started to think about it.”

The Institute’s financial director, Altamiro Bezerra, revealed that even Messi has participated in a secret friend with the Institute’s children, remotely. Neymar, however, says he dreams of taking another star to visit the young people: Lewis Hamilton, seven-time Formula 1 champion.

“I admire great sports idols and I had the honor of Romario, Zico, Hortência, Santos idols like Lima, Pepe, all of them having known the Institute. But many others also participated indirectly, like Ronaldo, Messi, Marta, Medina. But if I had to choose, I think I would be happy for Hamilton to go there and meet him. I think it would be very meaningful not only for me, but for the children, for everything he represents for the sport”, said Neymar.

Neymar usually visits the site twice a year. The player participates in activities in the classroom, on the court and on the field. The kids are looking forward to that day.

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