Neymar Jr. confronts partners in PUBG event; learn how to watch

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KRAFTON announced an activity involving the partnership between Neymar Jr. and the game PUBG: Battlegrounds: the football player and his squad will participate in the “Deston Rise” event, with a live stream this Wednesday (3), from 12:30 pm to 2 pm, on the official PUBG channel on Twitch and on the player’s Facebook Gaming.

The livestream on the official PUBG channel on Twitch will have comments from the game’s narrator Thauê Neves and partner content creator Ivanz1to.

During the LIVE stream, viewers who watch it on the official PUBG channel on Twitch will have the chance to receive special rewards through a sweepstakes made by Neymar Jr. and for the game.

Furthermore, it was also confirmed that Neymar Jr. will participate in various face-to-face activities that will directly influence the rules of the event challenges, such as which items he can use and which items/equipment other teams can and cannot use during the challenges.

What will the challenges Neymar face at the event look like?

According to information from the developer, throughout the Deston Rise event, Neymar Jr. and his team will participate in two separate challenges: the “Neymar Jr. and friends against all: Lodge Defense”, for two matches, and the “PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS BR Match”, for one match. During these challenges, he’ll need to showcase his superior football skills to potentially alter the course of combat.

Neymar Jr and friends against all: Lodge defense

The first challenge will have the squad of Neymar Jr. against all; the athlete’s objective is to defend the Deston Lodge region’s point of interest.

The challenge, played in TPP, will feature seven teams of PUBG partner players: Neymar Jr. You can only loot the Lodge and the objective is simple, defend it with at least one of your squad members alive.

The challenge will last two games and below is a summary of the rules:

  • Neymar Jr. and his squad will only be able to loot in the Lodge region of Deston.
  • All other players must loot in other regions and the only weapons allowed are: Melee weapons; Crossbow and Pistols. The use of tactical equipment, healing items and energy is allowed.
  • The blue zone will be modified to center on the Lodge.
  • There will be an in-person activity with a soccer goal that Neymar Jr. can use to generate the desired weapons/items in the Lodge.


The second and final challenge incorporates the traditional PUBG Battle Royale format, but with a twist: Neymar Jr.’s team. and another seven partner squads will enter Deston with the following rules for a match:

  • Only Tier 1 Equipment (Helmets, Backpacks and Armor) will be enabled.
  • The match spotter will be in Sandbox mode and will be able to hand out Tier 3 gear manually, as well as auto-revive, but the latter only for Neymar Jr.
  • A face-to-face activity with a soccer goal can be used by Neymar Jr. to balance the game.

Final stage holiday event

The Deston Vacation Tour event is entering its final week; PC and console versions players must take a screenshot or record a video posing in an area of ​​their choice of Deston.

You must upload content to any of your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook accounts with your in-game nickname, game platform and the hashtag #DestonSummerTour.

500 winners will be selected who will receive 1,000 G-COIN and a Deston Tour spray. Photo or video must be submitted before the event ends, on August 4 at 3:59 am PT.

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