Neymar Jr. visits his Institute, in Praia Grande, São Paulo

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Due to the pandemic, the Institute was closed for two years, and the ace has not visited it since. At the beginning of this year, classes at the institution were resumed and, thus, he can kill the longing for the place.

During his visit, Neymar Jr. he walked through the classrooms, played soccer with the students and interacted with employees and teachers, in addition to having reminisced about his childhood in the neighborhood.

“Looking at the neighborhood from up here is a great pride, several things go through our minds. Today completely different from my time (when I lived in Praia Grande) and being able to have done all this, for me, is a great pride. I think there are no words to say what I feel. It is a needy community and providing that here is a reason for pride, thanks as well, because I lived a lot in these streets and I was always very well received, very well treated by everyone in the neighborhood. So to be providing this is a great pride”, he reported.

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“Here there are more activities for them to do and be more interested in. Here, I think you can put seriousness together with activity. You can entertain the student. Our role is to bring everyone to the Institute, which is certainly important for their future”, he added.

To encourage young people and teenagers, the soccer player decided to mention the importance of perseverance. “For anything in life, the path is hard, it’s long. Nothing comes overnight. I hope the Institute’s students don’t get discouraged, keep attending, because opportunities can come when you least expect it. I hope you enjoy it, have fun, enjoy it a lot. It is important to be here, both in education and in sport.”

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Photo: Disclosure / INJR

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