Neymar makes incredible basket with kick in commercial recording

In a commercial commitment, Neymar made an adventure in basketball, a sport he admires and practices as a hobby.  Photo: (Reproduction/Instagram)

In a commercial commitment, Neymar made an adventure in basketball, a sport he admires and practices as a hobby. Photo: (Reproduction/Instagram)

That Neymar Jr works magic on the field with the ball at his feet, everyone knows, but the shirt number 10 of the Brazilian team revealed a new ‘power’ that he has when he kicks a soccer ball. During the recording of a commercial for Qatar Airways, on Thursday afternoon, the Brazilian ace risked a kick towards a basketball hoop and not only hit the target, but did so without the round ball touching the rim or the table.

In a publication published on his official profile on Instagram, the video recorded by Andrew Henderson, a Briton who has already won the award for world champion in freestyle football on five occasions, shows the feat achieved by the ace, which even scared people from the football team. footage that did not expect Neymar to hit it.

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For the shirt number 9 of the last World Cup title with the Brazilian National Team, Neymar will be decisive for the tournament and the crowd is hoping that his off-field is muffled: “The National Team will be favorites in any competition. Because of the talent we have. This World Cup it won’t be different. But if Neymar is 100% physically and focused, in this World Cup we will have a lot of chance to bring the mug. That’s why we hope so much for Neymar to hold off the field, for us to arrive in Qatar and have the union of the Brazilian people. Maybe this football has the strength to unite the Brazilian people to celebrate something. Leave off-field completely aside and that he can leave everything on the field. He is an ace, perhaps one of the greatest in the history of football Brazilian”.

Brazil debuts in the World Cup on November 24, at four in the afternoon, Brasília time, against the Serbian national team. The second round will be played against Switzerland, on the 28th, at one in the afternoon. The last match of the group stage, against Cameroon, will be on December 2 at four in the afternoon.

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