Neymar revolts at fake news about Mbappé’s attitude at PSG

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Due to the connection with Qatar, PSG undertook a tour of the Middle East to promote one of the sponsors of the World Cup. Thus, a situation that went viral on social media drew attention. Along with other players, Mbappé appeared covering the symbol of the French club’s partner, a gesture that was initially seen as a protest, as the other athletes were with the “clean” uniform.

However, the situation did not involve any type of dissatisfaction on the part of the Frenchman. On social media, Neymar went public to clarify the case, saying that his friend used the wrong shirt, and decided to cover the logo so as not to cause problems with another sponsor. Therefore, shirt 10 showed that he was disgusted with the supposed indignation of his companion and asked that false information not be disclosed.

Post to get like! A story without a foot or a head. We simply have 2 uniforms (one with sponsorship and one without) Kilyan missed the shirt and had to cover it because the action was for another sponsor! Don’t spread fake news.” wrote the ace.


In a live that featured Mbappé, Wijnaldum, Hakimi, Draxler and Danilo Pereira, Neymar took the opportunity to project France’s future in the World Cup. Despite the title in the last edition of the tournament, the PSG star stated that Le Bleus will be eliminated in the first phase of the competition. On the other hand, he stated that he will leave Qatar celebrating, as Brazil will reach the sixth trophy in its history.

“In November you go home bro!. Kylian, you’ve won before. Now it’s Brazil’s turn! 100% Brazil! Portugal, out! Morocco, out! Holland, out! France, out! And I arrive with Brazil, and I win! “It’s amazing to play in the World Cup. And well, these matches will be the biggest of our lives. I haven’t won a Cup yet. It’s a dream I have. I hope to share this dream when I manage to take the Cup to Brazil“, joked.

Playing in his third World Cup, Neymar wants to feel the sensation of lifting the dreamed cup. Faced with this, the ace demonstrated that he will give his life in Qatar so that the objective is fulfilled.

“My biggest dream. I really wanted to win the Champions League with PSG this year, but unfortunately it was postponed. May 2022 end with the World Cup. I’m preparing myself, both physically and mentally, so that everything goes well in the Cup, and it’s a Brazilian Cup. I will give my life. I’ve played two hearts and I know how it all works. If you’re not prepared, the opportunity will go away, so I don’t want to let that opportunity slip away.”reported live with Diego Ribas.

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