Neymar scores against Bolivia and becomes the team’s top scorer in official games, overtaking Pele

attacker neymar Became the club’s top scorer brazil team He scored 78 goals in official matches. His number 10 scored the team’s fourth goal in his debut match against Bolivia in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

Neymar’s first goal as an Amarerinha player was scored on his debut in a 2010 friendly against the United States. His previous goals were in the quarterfinals of the last World Cup against Croatia and Brazil. be eliminated with a penalty.

It is worth noting that, despite surpassing Pele’s record, Neymar has played 33 more competitive games than the King, and as a result, Pele’s average number of goals against Amarerinha is now higher than the number 10 of the Selecao. That’s higher than Pele’s average goals (0.84 goals per match vs. Pele, compared to Neymar’s 0.62).

Including friendlies, which were far more important in soccer decades ago, Pele scored 95 goals with Amarerinha.

See below for the top five scorers in official games for the Brazilian team.

1 neymar 78 125 0.62
two skin 77 92 0.84
3 Ronald 62 98 0.63
Four Romario 55 70 0.79
Five Zico 48 71 0.68

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