Neymar’s crucifixion of Jesus sparks controversy in Saudi Arabia

The situation led to an outcry on social media with voices condemning the move as “potentially offensive to the cradle of Islam”. However, a large number of Saudis believe the resentment has gone too far and some accuse the people of displaying jealousy and intolerance.

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Moroccan Islamist, Abdella Nahari cited a hadith and a verse from the Quran to recall the sacredness of the “Arabian Peninsula”. According to him, the presence of pendants on this holy land reflects an attempt to divert the area from its religious purpose. Meanwhile, Algerian Moussa Ajjouni criticized Neymar, calling him a bad example for Muslim youth, while London-based writer Muhannad al-Obaidi suggested Neymar’s move was deliberate.

On social media, these criticisms were widely derided, with some believing that these responses were motivated only by envy and intolerance. Former Saudi national team captain Yasir al-Qahtani said Saudi progress in sports is troubling some individuals, leading them to create discord through controversial posts.

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