Neymar’s ex-stepfather takes drastic action on the player’s mother

Even though we are no longer a couple, Tiago Ramos and the player’s mother Neymar Jr., Nadine Gonçalves, still win the spotlight. The controversy at the time was the attitude that the model took to draw the attention of the player’s matriarch. Last Wednesday (10), he revealed that he started a new tattoo to cover another drawing he had done to honor his ex.

Neymar’s ex-stepfather takes a drastic attitude towards the athlete’s mother (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Apparently, the model is regretting having paid the tribute. At the time of the tattoo, Tiago released several indirect on social networks, after the negative repercussion.

“Speak well or speak ill, but keep talking about me. My name won’t get out of your head. While you’re talking, I’m winning. The opinion of someone who doesn’t like me is worthless.”he wrote.

It is worth remembering that the couple ended in 2020 after many comings and goings. The romance won several controversial episodes that moved the internet at the time, including the rumor that Neymar did not support the couple’s relationship.

Neymar’s love life

But it’s not just Nadine’s love life that is talked about. Neymar also shines on the subject. Recently, singer Gabily participated in the podcast “Vaca Cast” and told about the romance lived with the star.

According to the singer, the affair was secret in the face of an agreement between the two. “When I was with him [Neymar Jr], no one in this country knew, absolutely no one! Then, later, I became his friend and automatically people saw us communicating, they saw when I went to Paris, when I stayed at his house”said.

Also according to her, the relationship soon flowed into a good friendship that yielded great stories in the player’s current city, the French capital. “At that time I had absolutely nothing with him, it was friendship, so much so that he was with someone else at the time I was there”scored.

“Neymar has a lot of affection for Bruna Biancardi, but a sequence of factors weighed on the decision. Some people closest to Bruna believe that the relationship still has a comeback. The point is that on Neymar’s side, those closest to him think this is unlikely and guarantee that he is fine.”he concluded.

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The player’s last relationship was with Bruna Biancardi. This Friday (12), the model confirmed the breakup with the player.

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