Neymar’s girlfriend revolts at being accused of sending indirect to the player: “Fake”

Neymar’s girlfriend, Bruna Biancardi revolts and denies that she sent a subliminal message to her beloved

Football player girlfriend Neymar Jr.the digital influencer Bruna Biancardi needed to use social networks this Monday (08) to justify himself about an alleged indirect that would have sent the athlete and denied the information.

It is that, amid rumors of a crisis in the relationship between the two, a profile on Twitter attributed to the beautiful shared a sentence that, later, many followers believed to be a message for the brother of the digital influencer Rafaella Santos.

“It’s for the heads of your little friends that you lose the love of your life”, says the sentence. After the repercussion of the subject and the followers associating the message with indirect for the ace, the brunette used her official profile on Instagram to say that the account used to write the message does not belong to her.

“Passing by to let you know that I don’t have a Twitter or Facebook page! This print that is going on is from a fake account, which has already been reported”she began, who then made a point of expressing her revolt with the circulation of the news: “Research before you go around talking nonsense (for a change)”shot.

please note that Bruna Biancardi is enjoying rest days in Ceará without the company of her boyfriend. Amid rumors of a possible breakup, she is enjoying the beaches of Jericoacoara alongside a friend.


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Last Tuesday (2), the singer Gabily decided to open the game and revealed that he has already lived an affair with none other than the football player Neymar Jr.! During a podcast interview Cast cowthe funkeira said that no one had any idea of ​​the relationship between the two, as they decided to keep everything under lock and key.

“When I was with him [Neymar Jr.], no one in this country knew, absolutely no one! Then, later, I became his friend and automatically people saw us communicating, they saw when I went to Paris, when I stayed at his house”, she started.

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