Neymar’s love for poker leaves the Brazilian among the most skilled football players in the casino world

At the beginning of this year, Bill 442/91 was approved in the Chamber of Deputies. The matter in question provides for the creation of a regulatory framework for gambling, and if sanctioned, casinos, as well as other types of gambling, such as bingo, could resume operating in the country, either in the physical or digital environment.

PL 442/91 was sent to the Senate, where it awaits consideration by parliamentarians, and if any changes are made to the text, the proposal will return to the Chamber of Deputies, and it may take some time to be approved and come into force. However, Brazil has never been closer to the complete regulation of gambling than it is now, and with the forecast of the creation of a regulatory framework for the sector, the country can become one of the most attractive for fans of a good game, given that among these entertainment lovers are football players.

One of the main, if not the main Brazilian player of recent times, Neymar, is a true fan of the game, and the ace does as well at the tables as he does on the lawn, and his favorite modality is poker. However, the Brazilian is not the only footballer who stands out in this sector, and in this article we will bring you some players who do very well in casino games.

1 – Neymar Jr

Previously mentioned, Neymar started to get closer to poker during his time at Barcelona, ​​and since then he has frequently participated in tournaments of the modality – some of them professional, where he usually gets good placements. In 2020, he entered an online poker competition, where he managed to pocket a prize of BRL 14,000, after putting about BRL 125 at stake to enter the dispute, which had 758 other participants.

In Brazil, currently physical gambling establishments cannot operate yet, but fortunately there is no obstacle for online platforms. Because of this, you don’t have to be a football player or a millionaire to be entitled to a few hours of gaming on casino that accepts credit cards, where you can find a wide range of titles that can faithfully simulate table games on your computer or cell phone screen. In addition, the player still has access to welcome bonuses and strategic tips.

2 – Gerard Pique

Multichampion with the barcelona and also with the Spanish national team, defender Gerard Piqué is a frequent visitor to the casinos. It is well known that footballers usually visit Barcelona’s gaming halls, mainly playing poker, and they also don’t miss the opportunity to have fun on online platforms, where they played in professional tournaments. In 2019, for example, the defender pocketed more than 350 thousand euros in a high roller.

3 – Mario Balotelli

One of the biggest bad boys in world football, the Italian Mario Balotelli is another aficionado of casino games, and his favorite sport is roulette. During the player’s time at Manchester City, it was quite common to find him having fun at night in the city’s famous gambling houses.

4 – James Madison

Englishman James Maddison is seen as a professional poker player, and last year he was involved in a big controversy, as he was cut from a match by the England team for presenting a viral picture, but ended up being caught playing in a casino.

5 – Cristiano RonaldoOne of the greatest players in the history of world football, the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo is more of a footballer who has a thing for gambling. Despite not being seen in casinos very often these days, some friends report that he often holds some meetings with a lot of poker. Teammates claim that CR7 is extremely competitive at the tables, as well as on the four lines.

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