Neymar’s sister, Rafaella Santos announces that she is moving from Brazil: “Life forces transformations”

Rafaella Santos announced, last Thursday night (4), that he is moving out of Brazil. The country chosen by the sister of Neymar Jr. to live is France, where the Paris Saint-Germain player has lived for five years.

According to the influencer, the decision was quick and necessary so that she could have a fresh start in her life. “It was all so fast! Anyway, goodbye is always the saddest part of any change, of any departure”, she began, saying in Stories.

She added: “It hurts a lot to be separated from all of you, but life requires transformations and new beginnings. In fact, it is difficult to step out of the comfort zone, where everything is in its place and we feel at home.”

Rafaella’s expectations for the new phase are optimistic. “It turns out that my mission is to continue my path on a road that is far from your tracks, but on an even more beautiful road. I will miss you,” she wrote.

In another Story, Neymar’s youngest appeared already inside the plane and left no doubt about her country of destination. The influencer published “Let’s go [do inglês, ‘vamos lá’]”, next to a French flag.

It is worth mentioning that it is not long ago that Rafaella Santos announced another breakup with gabigol, after many comings and goings. She was asked by fans, in an Instagram question box, about a possible new affairbut ruled out the possibility: “No… I’m fine”.

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