NFL 2023 Las Vegas Raiders 17-13 Green Bay Packers Overview and Race | 2023/10/09

21:103 hours ago

Raiders 17-13 Green Bay

21:103 hours ago

The pass was intercepted and the Raiders took control of the game.

21:023 hours ago

The Raiders miss a field goal, and Green Bay has a golden opportunity.

20:583 hours ago

2 minute pause

20:543 hours ago

The Raiders try to get past midfield and shorten the remaining time.

20:513 hours ago

If the pass is incomplete, Green Bay must return the ball.

20:503 hours ago

Green Bay can’t get out comfortably under the pressure from the Raiders.

20:453 hours ago

The Raiders failed to run out the clock, giving the Packers the ball quickly.

20:404 hours ago

The pass is intercepted and Spillane does a great job giving the Raiders possession.

20:354 hours ago

Green Bay closes in on the midfield with a good pass from Love.

20:294 hours ago

The Raiders score a touchdown and regain the lead.

20:284 hours ago

Green Bay 13-10 Raiders

20:224 hours ago

The Raiders cross midfield and close in on the point.

20:214 hours ago

The raiders advance and move the chains.

20:154 hours ago

Green Bay can’t finish this offensive series and needs to settle for three points.

20:124 hours ago

Great play by the Packers entering the red zone.

20:084 hours ago

Jimmy gets stopped in the back and the Raiders get the ball back.

20:024 hours ago

Green Bay’s touchdown scored the visitors’ first seven points.

19:544 hours ago

Jimmy sends a bad pass, but Green Bay intercepts and retrieves it.

19:365 hours ago

Raiders 10-3 Green Bay

19:215 hours ago

2 minute pause

19:135 hours ago

The pass is intercepted and the Raiders retain possession in the red zone.

19:095 hours ago

The Raiders score a touchdown, Myers reaches the end zone, and the first seven points of the game fall.

19:065 hours ago

The Raiders are already in the red zone with a great offensive series.

18:585 hours ago

The Raiders broke through the midfield for the first time in the game and were closing in on the point zone.

18:545 hours ago

A bad pass from Jordan Love and the Packers would give the ball back again.

18:535 hours ago

Crosby stopped Love behind him and Green Bay lost yards when they got the ball back.

18:495 hours ago

Green Bay 3-0 Raiders

18:426 hours ago

Green Bay earned three points in this offensive series.

18:386 hours ago

Green Bay will soon be in the red zone.

18:336 hours ago

Jimmy gets stopped in the back and the Raiders have to give the ball back.

18:276 hours ago

The Raiders started with a trick play for a 20-yard gain.

18:236 hours ago

A bad pass from Jordan Love forced him to give the ball back.

18:206 hours ago

Even with carries, Green Bay is already in midfield and not throwing the ball.

18:176 hours ago

Green Bay starts with carries, finding space and moving the chains.

18:156 hours ago

The game between the Raiders and Green Bay begins.

18:056 hours ago

Everything is ready for the game, each team is ready to sing the U.S. national anthem, and the game begins.

18:006 hours ago

After both teams warm up, they enter the locker room, set up their equipment, and take to the field to punt.

17:556 hours ago

Allegiant Stadium will be packed for this game, not another soul in the stadium, and it will be a true spectacle on Monday Night Football.

17:407 hours ago

The team has already arrived at the stadium and moves onto the field to warm up, during which other players will interact a little with the fans.

17:357 hours ago

Fans are slowly starting to arrive at Allegiant Stadium and will be in large numbers for what is expected to be a very exciting game.

17:307 hours ago

In addition to the latest information coming from Allegiant Stadium, we’ll be back with the live starting lineup for Green Bay Packers vs. Las Vegas Raiders for Week 5 of the 2023 NFL Regular Season. Match details down to the minute can’t be missed live online from VAVEL.

17:207 hours ago

Tomorrow, in addition to the Las Vegas Raiders vs. Green Bay Packers game, there will also be Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens, New England Patriots vs. Saints, Dolphins vs. New York Giants, Indianapolis vs. Titans, and Detroit vs. Carolina. It will be done. , Falcons vs. Texans, Cardinals vs. Bengals, Rams vs. Eagles, Vikings vs. Kansas City, Broncos vs. Jets, San Francisco vs. Dallas.

17:057 hours ago

Neither team has any injuries or suspensions to any players, and although the list of inactive players was released hours before the game and will not be counted in this Week 5 NFL game, they will not be on the field. There will be. players from both teams.

17:007 hours ago

The record favors the Green Bay Packers, as the two have faced each other seven times and the Packers have a record of five wins, while the Raiders have only won twice. Therefore, Green Bay is a slight favorite to get their third win of the season this Monday.

16:557 hours ago

Meanwhile, Green Bay was fresh off a heartbreaking loss at home to the Detroit Lions, and the Packers couldn’t find a solution to their offensive problems and couldn’t come back in their last game. With a record of two wins and two losses, Green Bay is looking to get out of a bad situation, but now that Green Bay will be playing against them on Monday Night Football, it’s a game they want to win at all costs to regain confidence. It will be. both offensively and defensively.

16:507 hours ago

The Las Vegas Raiders just lost to the Chargers 24-17. They were on the back foot and couldn’t find any success in the offensive series. His record is 1 win and 3 losses. They will look to regain their confidence against Green Bay on another edition of Monday Night Football, the game that concludes Week 5 of the NFL, and they will also try to find the play that leads to the win. That’s how the Raiders arrive for the Week 5 game. They will play with the house and its people.

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