Nfl, Miami triggers Buffalo, Green Bay passes the Brady house

On the third Sunday of the season the Dolphins prevail thanks to the defense, the Colts fold Kansas City and Philadelphia continues to win

Only three teams still unbeaten, after the third Sunday of the NFL season. The day will be completed by the Monday Night New York-Dallas, with the Giants 2-0 record, compared to the 3-0 in Miami and Philadelphia. The Dolphins won the game with Buffalo, Green Bay won Tampa, home to Brady, thanks to the defense, even more than to Rodgers.

Miami-Buffalo 21-19

The Bills (2-1) looked like the team to beat just 7 days ago. Instead, in Florida, thanks to the absences in secondary school, the humid heat of Florida, above all a myriad of pies by Josh Allen, not very lucid under pressure for an aspiring MVP. The Dolphins are imposed thanks to the defense, which expires the clock with the opponents on their 40 yards, with the victory kick otherwise “in the barrel”. But Buffalo makes too many mistakes: deadly sins at the end of the first and second half, a drop by Gabe Davis in the end zone, a wrong kick by Tyler Bass. Too much frenzy, up front. Miami scores two touchdowns thanks to the races of Chase Edmonds and a try on the Tagovailoa-River (!) Cracraft, the outsider who gains the limelight. Tua exhibited character by staying on the pitch despite a shot at halftime that caused fear of concussion. In the final he disunited, costing the next safety on the point svirgolato, but he did not pay duty.

Tampa Bay-Green Bay 12-14

The challenge between monument quarterback, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, is paradoxically dominated by defenses. With the two phenomena forced to marry with dried figs due to absences and work in progress. The Packers (2-1) start very strong, scoring touchdowns at the end of the first two drives thanks to the passes of Rodgers for the freshman Romeo Doubs and the veteran Allen Lazard. Rodgers starts 8/8 as complete, Brady even 12/12. But on the third down the guests convert, the Bucs (2-1) do not. An interception by Logan Ryan puts Tampa back into the game, but to celebrate a try it has to wait 14 ”from the end of the game. The usual glacial Brady leads the comeback finding Russell Gage in the end zone, who however struggled beyond what is permitted. But the two-point conversion to force extra time, from 7 yards after an unforgivable penalty, ends up incomplete. Cole Beasley’s decent debut as a backup for Brady, who was without the targets Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Julio Jones.

The other matches

The surprise of the day materializes in Indianapolis: the Colts beat Kansas City, which was undefeated, 20-17. With 24 ”left on the clock Matt Ryan finds Woods in the end zone for the decisive overtaking, then Mahomes is intercepted by MacLeod. Philadelphia continues to win: Washington dominates 24-8 with Hurts who for now agrees with the management who preferred him to Wentz as the franchise quarterback. Smith irrepressible: 156 yards of tricks in the first half. Baltimore prevails in New England: 37-26 over the Pats, 5 overall goals for Jackson, Mac Jones injures his left ankle in the final. Cincinnati’s first win of the season, at the Super Bowl in 2022: 27-12 away to the New York Jets, the pearl is the combination of 56 yards and 6 points on the Burrow-Boyd axis. Reigning champions Los Angeles Rams win 20-12 in Glendale on Arizona: Donald’s 100th career sack. Tennessee raises its head: 24-22 on Las Vegas, while Minnesota pricks Detroit 28-24 thanks to Osborn’s goal with 45 ”left to play. Finally, Chicago wins, 23-20 over Houston, Carolina, 22-14 over New Orleans, and Jacksonville, 38-10, over the Los Angeles Chargers, with Herbert on the gridiron, but not at his best. Atlanta has the better of Seattle 27-23, on Sunday Night the defenses are rampant: that of the Broncos stops the San Francisco 49ers 11-10.

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