Nicaragua. Iranian terrorist Mohsen Rezaji, wanted by Interpol, appeared at the swearing-in of President Daniel Ortega

Mohsen Rezaji, the terrorist wanted by Interpol, appeared at the swearing-in of the President of Nicaragua. He is currently a senior Iranian economic officer. Rezaji said at the ceremony that Iran, together with the Nicaraguan government, wants to “destroy American imperialism.”

Rezaji is an Interpol wanted terrorist in red. He was accused by Argentina of involvement in the attack on a Jewish center in Buenos Aires in 1994, killing 85 people. He is currently a senior Iranian economic officer. On Monday in Managua, Rezaji took part in the swearing-in of Daniel Ortega as president of Nicaragua.


Rezaji Wants To “Destroy American Imperialism”

“When we heard the threats to Nicaragua by the US, we realized that we had to be here to assure you of the durability of the Iran-Nicaragua alliance,” Rezaji said in his inauguration speech.

“We are on this path together and we are committed to destroying American imperialism together,” he added, assuring the Nicaraguan authorities of their support in the face of “American pressure.”

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US and EU sanctions

Rezaji took part in Ortega’s swearing-in as president on Monday, together with, inter alia, Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro and Cuban President Miguel Diazem-Canel. Earlier on Wednesday, the Cuban government reported, Diaz-Canel met in Nicaragua with the Iranian representative to discuss issues between these countries.

“There is a certain closeness and sense of understanding between the governments of Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Iran,” said Fernand Lottenberg of the Organization of American States (OAS), quoted on Friday by Infobae.

The Americas’ united OAS on Thursday criticized Rezaji’s presence in Nicaragua, as did the Argentine authorities.

On the day of Ortega’s inauguration, the United States and the European Union imposed further sanctions on entities and state officials related to the Nicaraguan government. Persons under sanctions are accused of violating fundamental human rights, violence against Nicaraguan citizens, and corruption.

Main photo source: Reuters

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