Nicholas Evans, author of “The Horse Whisperer” is dead

Evans, the author of the masterpiece that became a film starring Robert Redford and Scarlett Johansson, was 72 years old. He died of natural causes.

The horse whisperer –

Evans’ death was announced on Monday by his literary agency which revealed that the writer has abruptly disappeared due to a heart attack.

Evans, the horse whisperer

The English writer was born in Bromsgrove, in the county of Worcestershire, on July 26, 1950. Evans became famous in 1995 with the publication of the book “The Horse Whisperer” his debut novel. The number one bestseller in twenty countries. A masterpiece with fifteen million copies sold, translated into forty languages, which had a film adaptation in 1998 directed and performed by Oscar-winning icon Robert Redford. In the film, also a very young Scarlett Johansson. The story of the book tells of a dramatic accident involving a little girl and her horse. The child’s mother decides to ask for help from a very special man who, it is said, has the special farm to communicate with horses.

His best-known novel was followed by four other successful books: “Together with the wolves” of 1998; “In the fire” of 1999; “When the sky divides” of 2005; and finally “Only if you have courage “of 2010, inspired by his experience in international politics and Beirut, during the Lebanon war where he had gone as a reporter. In 2008 the writer received a kidney transplant. He and his wife, in fact, they found themselves on the verge of dying from eating poisonous mushrooms gathered with family members in their Scottish residence. This unfortunate episode impacted the writing times of his latest novel.

The Horse Whisperer
The horse whisperer –

A past as a journalist before the great success

Evans was a novelist and a screenwriter. But his professional debut, after studying law at Oxford, is as a journalist. His career began in the English newspaper “Evening Chronicle” in the 1970s. After that experience he moved on to television specializing in US politics and foreign affairs. Finally, the global success with the book that will make him famous.

In the official note issued by the British agency United Agents “after his disappearance, we read that the writer”he lived a full and happy life, in his home on the banks of the River Dart ”.

“We imagine that life is just like that. A long chain of moments to live one by one, without thinking about those that have just passed or are about to arrive“.

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