Nick Kyrgios told about sexual frustration during tournaments

Tennis players spend many days a year outside the home. Constant trips to tournaments mean that athletes have to deal with separation from their loved ones. In the latest episode of his podcast, “No Boundaries”, Nick Kyrgios confessed how it affected his relationship with loved ones. He also talked about how separation from a loved one can make it difficult to focus on the game.

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– I was separated with my first girlfriend for six months. When you try to play at the highest level, you start to miss someone emotionally and physically. This becomes a sexual frustration. I’m on the court and I can’t play because I’m a little horny, if you know what I mean, he confessed.

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– It doesn’t matter where you work. If you don’t see your significant other, it affects you, your job, your mood, everything … I was very emotional when I was away from my girlfriend for so long – he said.

Nick Kyrgios revealed that the constant trips worsened family ties. – A few years ago, my relationship with my family was not great because I traveled a lot and had no family around me. I was winning, losing, going through relationship problems, dealing with other problems and pushing them away because you feel the world is against you, the tennis player said. – I pushed away everyone who was close to me and quarreled with people. This is something I never want again, he added.

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