Nicki Minaj announces the release of her ‘best song’

Nicki Minaj shared on Twitter/X the lyrics of a new song. The rapper says it’s her best track.

Nicki Minaj has shared the lyrics to her next song.
Nicki Minaj has shared the lyrics to her next song.

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The Bang Bang star shared a snippet of his new track – titled Last Time That I Saw You – on Instagram Live on Monday and later posted it to Twitter/X.

The 45-second clip showed the rapper miming the lyrics to her track, which she later posted in full in a separate post.

“There’s something you wanted to say/ I was in a hurry and you said you were crushed/ But I said I’d be back, it’s okay,” the lyrics read.

Nicki Minak fans were quick to show their support for the star’s new creation.

“The fact that we’re all in love with this song and it’s just ONE song speaks volumes. We’re really going to love Pink Friday 2,” one user wrote of the musician’s upcoming album, to which she replied, “Listen. Me. You have NO IDEA OK?!?!!!! 11.17.23. Brand. My. Words”.

The rapper also responded to several other fan comments on the platform, revealing the title of the song.

Nicki Minaj is set to release her fifth studio album, Pink Friday 2, on November 17.

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